Introducing WATCHMAN™

Patients with non-valvular AFib who need an alternative to taking blood thinners can count on Northridge Hospital. We are one of the select providers in the Los Angeles area to offer this one-time, minimally-invasive procedure.

WATCHMAN places a 1" device (implant) into a patient’s heart without opening the patient’s chest.

Our trained and dedicated multidisciplinary heart team can conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if a WATCHMAN procedure is the appropriate treatment option for you.


Non-valvular AFib can mean a lifetime of blood thinners. The WATCHMAN procedure is a trusted alternative that permanently reduces the risk of bleeding worries, and ultimately the risk of blood clots leading to a stroke if a clot, formed in the heart, comes loose and travels to the brain. WATCHMAN is a small, flexible implant about the size of a quarter. It is placed into your heart during a minimally invasive procedure and never needs to be replaced.

Is WATCHMAN Right for You?

This is a safe, one-time, minimally-invasive procedure that permanently reduces stroke risk and blood thinner worries. For some, that means an extra measure of safety if they have bleeding due to certain medical conditions such as an ulcer. For others, it means peace of mind should they need surgery. And a more active lifestyle is less risky, even for travel that’s not near medical help. With 20 years of clinical and real-world experience, including 10 clinical trials, WATCHMAN has a proven safety record.

Because WATCHMAN requires only a small incision, most patients can return to normal activities within a few days as activities are gradually added back to their routines. Plus, 96% of people were able to discontinue their blood thinner at 45 days after their WATCHMAN procedure.

Talk to your cardiologist about the benefits and risks. Together, you’ll decide if WATCHMAN may be right for you.

Take a closer look at WATCHMAN

WATCHMAN is a small, FDA-approved flexible implant about the size of a quarter. Made from very light, compact materials commonly used in many other medical implants, it is placed into your heart during a minimally invasive procedure and never needs to be replaced.

To understand how WATCHMAN works, it helps to understand the connection between AFib and stroke.

The WATCHMAN procedure

What Can I Expect Before, During, and After the WATCHMAN Procedure?

The decision to get WATCHMAN is shared between you and your doctor. You’ll talk about what’s important to you, your goals, and the procedure’s risks and benefits. Together, you’ll decide whether WATCHMAN is the right choice for you. If so, here is what to expect.

Out in the world with WATCHMAN

After the WATCHMAN procedure, life is a lot less restricted. You are freer to be active, to travel, to go where you want to go, and do what you want to do.

Your WATCHMAN Implant will not set off metal detectors, so you can go through security screenings without worry.

Always tell the doctor or dentist that you have a WATCHMAN implant so they can work with your cardiologist to determine the best way to provide treatment—especially If the procedure requires you to stop taking your medications as prescribed.

If you need an MRI, it’s important to show the doctor and MRI technologist your WATCHMAN Implant Card. WATCHMAN is “MRI conditional,” which means you can safely have an MRI when your technologist takes certain precautions.

What is a WATCHMAN Implant Card and Why Do I Need It?

You’ll get a WATCHMAN Implant Card from the medical center that performs your procedure. This very important card lets medical personnel know that you have the WATCHMAN implant. Remember to carry it with you at all times and register it in case it gets lost. Go to watchman.com/register.

What patients are saying

Hear from people who chose to have the WATCHMAN procedure and how it’s helped them lead a better life.

"When I was on blood thinners, it was always a different life. WATCHMAN™ was a lifesaver. It put me back to being who I was."

"I was restricted on blood thinners and now I can just go to where I want to go and do what I want to do."

"With WATCHMAN, I can forget about the concern of a stroke. I can forget about the concern of side effects from drugs and just try to live a happy, healthy life."

Post procedure, I was in the hospital for 24 hours with great food and a wonderful staff, and then home relaxing for the next week with a bit of limitation on strenuous activity."

"I didn’t have any problems getting the [WATCHMAN] procedure and I feel so much better since I had it. It makes me feel good that I can get up and go and not worry."

WATCHMAN resources

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