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New Robotics-Assisted Knee Replacements

What is a robotics-assisted knee replacement?

The use of the CORI robotics-assisted system advances the way orthopedic surgeons perform partial and total knee replacement surgeries. Every CORI procedure has an individualized plan based on each patient’s unique anatomy. Computer assistance is used to collect the unique shape and motion of your knee to virtually plan the procedure, and robotic assistance is used to accurately perform the procedure. The CORI System does not perform the procedure; rather it assists your surgeon by providing accuracy and precision which is critical to the success of the surgery. This level of accuracy can help improve the function, feel and potential longevity of the knee implant.

What does this mean for you?

  • CT-free system, which equals less radiation
  • Minimally invasive surgical techniques
  • Less operating room time, and less time under anesthesia

Northridge physicians trained to use the CORI system

Dr. Jaime Hernandez
Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Hernandez is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip and knee replacement. He was specialty trained in hip and knee replacement at Harvard Medical School's Brigham and Women's Hospital, and is a member of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS), the specialty society for surgeons focused on hip and knee replacement.

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For more information, please call:

Maria Paz Goco Reyes- (818) 885-8500 ext 2498

Catherine Garganera- (818) 885-8500 ext 2868