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Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

The spinal cord injury treatment at Northridge Hospital is the only one of its size and complexity in northern Los Angeles County. This comprehensive program cares for all types of spinal cord injuries, prepares patients to return home and provides on-going support for lifetime care.

Spinal cord injury care begins when the patient first arrives at the hospital and continues through outpatient care. This level of care has proven to have a significant impact on the patient’s recovery and ability return to a full and active life.

New Skills and Treatment

The care team emphasizes quality of life issues when planning treatment for each patient’s return to the community. Such activities teach patients to assume responsibility for their care in order to be as prepared as possible. Patients learn about their medical condition and how to adjust to present limitations while the building strength and endurance needed for daily living.

Wheelchair sports and a weekly spinal cord injury support group are available. 

Learn More About Rehabilitation Services At Northridge Hospital Medical Center

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Spinal Cord Injury Treatment