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Stroke Rehabilitation

Care for stroke patients initially begins in the Emergency Department after an individual recognizes the symptoms and calls 911.  For additional information on the treatment of strokes, please click here: 

The Stroke Rehabilitation Program at the Center for Rehabilitation Medicine is designed for patients who have had a Cerebrovascular Accident (Brain Attack). The Program assists patients in regaining their highest level of function in communication, self-care, mobility and emotional well-being. Most patients return home and are able to lead a relatively independent lifestyle.

The Program’s interdisciplinary approach places special attention on regaining abilities rather than on disability.  Patients and their families actively participate in planning and implementing a comprehensive treatment plan in which specific goals are established.  Attainment of these goals is measured throughout the inpatient rehabilitation program. Outpatient Therapy Services are available after discharge.

Patient and family training is designed to meet the needs of each individual patient. Families are trained to assist with certain portions of care in order for the patient to be as prepared as possible for discharge. At the time of discharge, the patient and family should have a clear understanding of physical and cognitive abilities and limitations, medications, personal hygiene needs, skin care and equipment needs.

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For more information about stroke rehabilitation, please call (818) 885-8500. To find a physician, please call (818) 908-8677 or use our search tool to Find a Doctor