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Department Phone Directory

When you receive care at St. Bernardine, comfortable facilities and the leading-edge technologies are used to deliver exceptional patient care. Should you need to contact any of our highly-trained professionals, we have provided you a list of commonly requested department telephone numbers.

Admission Nurse: 909.881.4338 ext. 4338

Catheterization Scheduling: 909.881.4320 ext. 3474

Infection Control Officer: 909.883.8711 ext. 3400

Insurance Questions: 909.883.8711 ext. 3139

Post-Discharge Assistance: 909.883.8711 ext. 3771

Public Safety Officer: 909.883.8711 ext. 2912

Spiritual Care: 909.881.4525 ext. 3562

St. Bernardine Medical Center: 909.883.8711