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Our Team

Through use of the da Vinci® Surgical System, physicians enjoy greater surgical precision, increased range of motion and improved dexterity to perform complex procedures. The computer’s magnified, high-resolution 3D image allows your surgeon to clearly see the actual surgical site – not a virtual image – on a real-time basis, as the da Vinci seamlessly mirrors the movement of his or her hands precisely to perform the surgery.

Your Surgeon is in Control 

Your da Vinci trained surgeon makes every decision based on what is happening at the moment. At no time does the computer have control over the process.

The following surgeons perform da Vinci robotic surgeries at St. Bernardine:


 Betty Daniels, MD Elizabeth Felix-Trunelle, MD Phillis Ransom, MD 
Betty Daniels, MD
Elizabeth Felix-Trunelle, MD Phillis Ransom, MD
Babac Shahmohamady, MD OBGN Keith Schauermann, MD No Photo
Babac Shahmohamady, MD Keith Schauermann, MD

Certified to perform: Single Site Hysterectomy

MD Samir Hage, DO             

General Surgery

 General Surgeon Bharti Jain, MD General Surgeon Fariborz Lalezarzadeh, DO General Surgeon Ruben Osorio, MD

Bharti Jain, MD

Farborz Lalezarzadeh, DO

Ruben Osorio, MD


Urologist Sun Kim, MD  No Photo
Sun Kim, MD  Steve Dong, MD