Speech Therapy

At St. Bernardine, our speech therapists provide a variety of inpatient and outpatient care and help to improve the ability to swallow and communicate effectively, including voice, language and fluency.

Services include:

  • Assessment and management of swallowing disorders
  • Cognitive retraining in patients with attention, memory and problem solving deficits
  • Development of feeding skills with premature and medically fragile infants
  • Evaluation and treatment of articulation disorders and language delays in the pediatric population
  • Pre- and post-operative laryngectomy counseling and alaryngeal speech rehabilitation
  • Recovery of language comprehension and functional communication in patients with aphasia
  • Voice therapy for patients with voice disorders

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To contact our speech therapy team, please call 909.881.4361. The first step in accessing speech therapy is a visit to your primary care doctor and obtaining a prescription or referral for evaluation and treatment. Please call 909.475.2543 or use our search tool to Find a Doctor