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Real Stories. Real Weight Lost.

The Surgical Weight Loss program at St. Bernardine Medical Center is helping our patients rethink, renew and reclaim their lives.

Meet eight patients whose surgeries have launched them towards better health and brighter futures. Their stories provide an inspiring look into life after surgery as well as helpful insights on the questions and challenges faced during the decision-making process.

Watch "A Day In The Life" Videos With Our Patients

>Watch The Grillmaster

>Watch Family Fun

>Watch Marathon Man

>Watch Pet Rescuer

Watch "Insight & Inspiration" Videos With Our Patients

We sat down with patients to ask them: How they came to their decisions for surgery? What was the journey in getting here? And how their lives have changed?

>Watch My kids deserved it

>Watch Wings to fly

>Watch More outgoing now

>Watch In the driver's seat

We Can Help You Rethink, Renew And Reclaim Your Life

If you’re ready to begin your journey to regain your health and reclaim your life through
surgical weight loss, start by calling (909) 806-1250