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Four Phases of Planning Chart

Hazard, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery











Identified high risk hazards 2015: Earthquake, Active Shooter Event/Hostage, HAZMAT (internal and external)

#1 Communication

Roll over of Everbridge in combination with X matters for mass notification systems at St. Mary Medical Center- continue to use Everbridge and test communications regularly

Test monthly disaster pages

Use notification systems for Joint Commission and Code Greens to assure staff familiarity with systems and answering pages

Track effectiveness of mass communications systems- Assess usefulness of SAT Rad phone- obtain new equipment an work on HAM Radio meetings for 2015

Evaluate Xmatters and Everbridge as effective communications systems


Resources & Assets

Continue to stockpile equipment via the ASPER HPP grant as well as pharmaceuticals – continue to inventory HAZMAT equipment in DRC and departments

Review all inventory annually for PARR levels

EXAMPLE: all of the DRC equipment purchased for the hospital since 2003

Test equipment, biomed checks replace equipment that is out of date, upgrade equipment that needs to be upgraded

Evaluate stockpiles of med surg/trauma burn surg/pharmaceuticals for efficacy- replace equipment as needed


Safety & Security

High risk areas assessed for closed access. Access to hospital from outside hardened via Threat Analysis with Long Beach Police Department/Homeland Security

Drilling and training on hazmat and active shooter. Active Shooter drills on units and RUN HIDE FIGHT training for staff members

Staff knowledge will be greater after training

Evaluate lock down and access programs and keep records of HAZMAT training


Staff Responsibilities

Evaluate staff needs for education and training – Add HAZMAT training to Nursing Orientation program

Department specific drills, evacuation trainings and hazmat event annually at St. Mary Medical Center. Require leadership team to take ICS FEMA courses

Test hazmat capabilities on real world decontamination events. All staff will be able to function in the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS)

Review all equipment used and upgrade as needed for effectiveness and staff safety

#5 Utilities

Evaluation of utilities vulnerabilities done annually and on request by facilities

Utilities maintained for day to day operations as well as emergencies.

Redundancies are written into EOP for utilities failures

Evaluate utilities plans via Environment of Care Committee/Disaster Committee


Patient Clinical & Support Activities

Evaluation of surge capacity during any of the high risk events. Evaluation of outside agencies capabilities.

Test surge capacity for med surg event, trauma mass casualty, burn, hazmat and pandemic. EVACUATION TRAINING WITH STAFF EVERY YEAR. Drill and train with outside agencies

Outside agencies will have familiarity with campus of St. Mary Medical Center. Patient care mass casualty triage events can be handled effectively after drilling and training

Evaluate surge capacity plans and mass casualty plans including mass fatality and infectious surge

TJC Questions for nursing staff:

PASS-     Pull pin, Aim, Squeeze and Sweep

RACE-    Rescue, Activate alarm, Confine the fire, Evacuate/Extinguish

Community involvement

  • We are the Disaster Resource Center for Long Beach
    • Classes, education, quarterly decontamination trainings here at SMMC
    • On unit evacuation drills, fire drills, Ebola Training in C suits and PAPRs
  • Sit on the City of Long Beach Disaster Committee/police board/meet with Public Health Department
  • Run the Long Beach airport drills
  • Drill and train with Long Beach police, fire, military (especially during LB Grand Prix)
  • Run Naval weapons station drills with them/work with National Guard and Border Patrol

HICS (Hospital Incident Command System) National Incident Management System ICS online courses are provided and required for all charge nurses and managers. NIMS/ICS modules on incident command and certificates available through the FEMA training website.