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Orientation and Education

Training documentation will be recorded in an employee's file. Healthcare workers are required to attend new employee orientation and will receive some disaster education there.

Training documentation will be recorded in the individual's employee file. HCWs are required to attend New Employee Orientation, organized through Human Resources, at the time of hire where general information and education regarding the Disaster Resource Center education and HICS is included. Continuing education will be conducted at least annually during mandatory annual education, drills and noon conferences.

Department leadership, in concert with the Education Department, will verify that each employee possesses the required core competencies.  At the department level, training is specific to processes, materials, precautions and work practices/behaviors relative to the individual job functions and risks. HCW knowledge will focus on the following:

  • How to recognize specific types of emergencies
  • The information and skills required to perform assigned duties during emergencies
  • The backup communication system used during emergencies
  • How supplies and equipment are obtained during emergencies

Training materials will be modified to reflect the results of education and training needs assessments as determined through employee knowledge audits, drill/exercises performance, EOC hazard surveillance rounds.

Monthly lectures are provided for House Staff at noon conference on topics of: Introduction to Disaster Medicine, START triage, Chemical Weapons and HAZMAT, Workplace Violence/Harassment/Active Shooter,, Doctor Decontamination (putting on C suits and PAPRs) Biological weapons and Pandemic Crisis, Explosive and Blast Trauma and Desinger Drugs. All staff are welcome to attend these lectures provided on campus of St. Mary Medical Center.

Annually the Operating Room does a disaster drill to include evacuation and active shooter and annual inservicing is done by the Director of Disaster Resource Center –floor by floor- on fire safety, evacuation devices, HAZMAT training and other safety inservicing. Specialty areas such as the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit have  specialty equipment focused on special needs such as Kangaroo Pouches and Weevac Sleds which staff are trained on.