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Program Organization and Responsibilities

The Board and Leadership team at St. Mary Medical Center provide the program vision, administration, support and appropriate resources, which are embodied within and conveyed through the development and institutionalizing of business fundamentals relative to emergency management. They are responsible for supporting the Emergency Management activities.

Environment of Care/Emergency Management/Disaster Committee (EOC)

The Board of Directors and Leadership Team have given the EOC Committee the authority to formulate and implement the emergency management plan. The EOC Committee monitors the ongoing program and provides a forum for consensus building, approvals, recommendations for improvements and exercise planning to the Emergency Management Committee.  The EOC Committee serves as the central hub for collecting information relating to emergency management and provides evaluation of collected data. The Emergency Management Committee reviews pertinent action items, issues, and risks in a timely fashion.  The EOC Committee receives reports and recommendations from the Emergency Management Committee and examines the actions taken relative to the emergency management plan.  Recommendations from the EOC Committee are received by the Emergency Management Committee and progress is reflected in meeting minutes.

Emergency Management Director/Safety Officer

St. Mary Medical Center is a regional Disaster Resource Center which has a Director. As the Emergency Management/Disaster Committee Co-Chairs, the Emergency Management Director and Safety Officer have the authority and responsibility for strategic design and the operational oversight of the EMP and supporting documents.  The Emergency Management Directors responsibilities include:

  • Conducts the annual HVA and evaluate changes to be made as required
  • Maintain documentation of NIMS/FEMA ICS courses for leaders and management team
  • Develops facility specific response drills and education
  • Add and update policy for timely and relevant events
  • Maintain a mass notification system (Xmatters and Everbridge)
  • Responds to emergency related incidents and coordinate drills/exercises
  • Reports and evaluates incidents, drills and exercises
  • Coordinates specialized emergency preparedness training
  • Facilitates regulatory requirements
  • Coordinate with outside agencies in coalition building to coordinate Mass Casualty Drills

Department Leadership

Each department leader or designee is responsible for the provision of a safe work environment for his/her staff and safe, suitable provisions for the care of patients, through full implementation of established emergency management programs.  Leaders are also responsible for developing and managing specific disaster policies and procedures (as applicable), providing revisions as necessary, verifying all HCWs are trained on individual roles and responsibilities consistent with the EOP, and facilitating HCWs participation when the EOP is implemented.

HCWs and Medical Staff

St. Mary Medical Center HCWs and medical staff are responsible for promoting behaviors and work practices that are safe, responsible, and in alignment with organizational and departmental procedures, applicable training, and the provisions of this plan.