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Meet the Faculty

While many attending physicians volunteer to teach or are significantly involved in the care of teaching service patients at St. Mary, the following are Key Voluntary Internal Medicine Faculty:


  • Nikhil Kapoor, MD
  • Serap Sobnosky, MD
  • John Javien, MD
  • Todd Zynda, DO
  • Mark Lee, MD
  • Stanley Kawanishsi, MD
  • Watson Desa, MD
  • Minh Nguyen, MD

Emergency Medicine

  • Lauren Sylwanowicz, MD
  • Arleen Vernon, MD
  • Shaghayregh Haghihat, MD
  • Mark Joyner, MD
  • Ali Jamehdor, DO


  • Ricky Mac, MD


  • Anoop Shah, MD
  • Timothy Simmons, MD


  • Sassan Farjami, MD
  • Andre Liem, MD
  • Omkar Marathe, MD


  • Rajveer Joea, DO
  • Babak Gachpaz, MD
  • Iris Partovi, MD

Infectious Diseases

  • Stefan Schneider, MD
  • Marcia Alcouloumre, MD
  • Henry Su, MD
  • Sindalisa Hean, MD


  • Essam Maasarani, MD
  • Sapna Patel, MD
  • Gia Tran, DO
  • Jason Chau, MD
  • Alice Park, MD

Pulmonary/Critical Care

  • Maged Tanios, MD
  • Antonio Beltran, MD
  • Twinkle Chandak, MD
  • Nayyer Ali, MD (critical care)

For More Information

For more information on the St. Mary residency program, please call (562) 491-9350 or email Kel Miller, Manager of Academic Affairs ([email protected])