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Discharge Information

Before being discharged from St. Mary Medical Center, your physician and nurse will give you discharge instructions and answer any questions you have about managing your treatment and medications once you are home.

Be sure you understand any instructions you have been given before you leave the hospital.

When your doctor feels that you are ready to leave the hospital, he or she will authorize a hospital discharge. Please speak with your nurse about our discharge procedures.

Here are few tips to make the discharge process run smoothly:

  • Be sure you and/or your caregiver have spoken with a discharge planner and that you understand what services you may need after leaving the hospital.
  • Verify your discharge date and time with your nurse or doctor.
  • Have someone available to pick you up. A wheelchair will be available to help you get from your room to your car with ease.
  • Your nurse will assist you in collecting your belongings. Check your room, bathroom, closet and bedside table carefully for any personal items.
  • Retrieve any valuables you have stored in the hospital safe.
  • Make sure you or your caregiver has all necessary paperwork for billing, referrals, prescriptions, etc.

Case Management

Your Case Manager is the hospital employee who will coordinate your care after your stay with us. Case managers work directly with your healthcare team to facilitate your return home and provide information about follow-up services that you might need after you leave St. Mary. If you have any questions about home healthcare, skilled nursing facilities, medical equipment, transportation, Meals-on-Wheels or any other community resources, your case manager will be happy to assist you. A Case Manager can be reached by calling extension 3940.