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Private Rooms

Shared rooms are the norm at most hospitals nationwide, but at St. Mary Medical Center in Long Beach, all patients have the benefit of private rooms for inpatient stays.

Having your own room is standard at St. Mary Medical Center, something that allows our hospital to cut down on infection rates. We know this helps cut down on infection rates. It also helps reduce stress. And may even reduce the length of time you’re in the hospital.

Private rooms for all patients

With a private room, you'll get better rest, and you'll have more privacy with any visitors you have. They also allows St. Mary to be in adherence with the stringent privacy guidelines set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). These are almost impossible to enforce in shared rooms, where roommates are privy to conversations of a personal nature.

Numerous studies have evaluated the benefits of private versus semi-private rooms in hospitals, finding that private rooms are better for the patient and for the hospital in the long run.