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Patient Experience

Every patient surgical experience varies, but the benefits many patients experience with minimally invasive robotic surgery include a shorter hospital stay, less pain, and less risk of infection.

Get Back to Your Active Life Sooner

Robot-assisted surgery is a less invasive surgical alternative available for more complex conditions. It allows skilled surgeons to use smaller incisions and achieve greater accuracy in most cases, which often results in decreased pain, less need for narcotics and a lower risk of infection – factors that speed the healing process and get you back to your active life sooner.

da Vinci is Proven Safe and Effective

Numbers count when it comes to system effectiveness, and to date, tens of thousands of minimally invasive, robot-assisted procedures have been successfully performed worldwide. Safety is the first priority, and da Vinci offers multiple, redundant safety features which make the procedures virtually as safe as traditional surgical methods.

As a patient, you are under the care of at least two medical professionals during surgery – your surgeon, as well as his or her supporting team. As your surgeon maneuvers the controls, da Vinci translates his or her movements into precise movements of miniaturized instruments. Tremor reduction minimizes unintended movements, which means that instruments can move in a more precise manner than a human hand.

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