Careers after Residency

Where Have Our Categorical Graduates Gone?


Susan Aminzai, MD | Primary Care, St. Bernardine Clinic, Imperial County
Joey Azzam, MD | Advanced Heart Failure Hospitalist and Faculty, UCSF
Justin Choudhari, MD | Primary Care and Faculty, UCSD
Michael Crone, DO | Fellowship: Rheumatology, Scripps, San Diego
Alexander Dao, MD | Anesthesia, University of New Mexico
Michael Lee, DO | Fellowship: Allergy-Immunology, Scripps, San Diego
Aileen Nguyen, MD | Hospitalist, Washington Hospital, SF Bay Area 
Enderpreet Saran, MD | Primary Care, Santa Clara 


Sohrab Amiri, MD, MS  | Hospital Medicine, John Muir Medical Center, Walnut Creek
Lauren Macaraeg, MD  | Fellowship: Nephrology, University of California San Diego
Michael Conte, DO  | Fellowship: Infectious Disease. Oregon Health & Science University
Elizabeth Kaufman, MD  | Hospital Medicine, Dept. of Hematology -Oncology, UCSF
Farah Kassamali, MD | Fellowship: Gastroenterology
Nishita Nigam, MD  | Hospital Medicine, UCSF
Safa Hammami, MD  | Fellowship: Endocrinology. Oregon Health & Science University 
Michele Burk, DO  | Primary Care and Addiction Medicine, St. Mary’s Medical Center 


David Nery, MD  |  Fellowship: Cardiology. Northeast Ohio Medical University
Rodrigo Cordero-Pangrazio, MD  |  Hospital Medicine, San Francisco Bay Area 
Jennifer Funk, MD  |  Hospital Medicine, San Francisco Bay Area 
Swathi Kari, MD  |  Hospital Medicine, Sutter Health, Modesto CA
Myra Noorzay, MD  |  Primary Care/Hospital Medicine, Kaiser Permanente, NAPA
Ramya Chitters, MD  | Primary Care, Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center 
Lauren Olson, MD  |  Primary Care Practice, Mercy Group, San Francisco, CA 


Leny Abraham, MD  |  Fellowship: Infectious Disease, UOM
Paul Cheung, MD  |  Hospital Medicine, East Bay Area
Rachel Donaldson, MD  |  Fellowship: Pulmonary / Critical Care, UCSF 
Michelle Faierman, MD  |  Hospital Medicine, Palomar Health, San Diego
Nicole Jordan, MD  |  Hospital Medicine, New York City
Misa Stroker, MD  |  Palliative Medicine, Phoenix
Tianyi Tang, MD  |  Fellowship: Hematology/Oncology, UC Irvine
Clay Wu, DO  |  Fellowship: Pulmonary/ Critical Care, USC Keck
Edward Xu, MD  |  Hospital Medicine, Los Angeles


Douglas Ammerman, MD  |  Hospital Medicine, Northern CA
Seth Blumberg, MD  |  Fellowship: Infectious Disease, NYU
Amanda Crawford, MD  |  Palliative Care, NV
Bryan Klassen, MD  |  Core Faculty, Dignity Health, San Francisco
Felix Litvak, MD  |  Hospital Medicine, Northern CA
Anand Oroskar, MD  |  Hospital Medicine, Dignity Health, San Francisco


Yalda Ataie, MD  |  Hospital Medicine, Northern CA
Lydia Chan, MD  |  Hospital Medicine, Dignity Health, San Francisco
Christy Dillon, MD  |  Primary Care, Northern CA
Robert Eldabaje, MD  |  Hospitalist-Intensivist, San Francisco
Janie Ha, MD  |  Public Health Medicine, Northern CA
Huynh Uyen-Chi, MD  |  Hospital Medicine, Northern CA
Se Young Ju, MD  |  Primary Care, Northern CA
Annahita Pourmand, MD  |  Hospital Medicine, Southern CA
Hong Son, MD  |  Fellowship: Infectious Disease, North Carolina


Xylona Bibal, MD  |  Primary Care, Dignity Health, San Francisco
Tania Boniske, MD  | Fellowship: Pulmonary /Critical Care, Tulane
Oxana Bresker, MD  |  Hospital Medicine, Northern CA
Nicole Kaipust, MD  |  Hospital Medicine, Northern CA
David Le, MD  |  Fellowship: Cardiology, UCSF 
Jeff Liao, MD  |  Academic /Hospital Medicine, Mass General, MA
Matthew Lucero, DO  |  Primary Care, Northern CA
Tho (Anna) Ngo, MD  |  Hospital Medicine, Northern CA