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Medical Student Rotations


We offer Inpatient elective rotations for fourth-year students attending LCME and AOA accredited medical schools.

St. Mary’s has a student affiliation agreement with the University of California Northstate for a MS3 Core Medicine rotation.  Most ward teams have 1 third-year medical student at any given time.

1. Pulmonary Medicine

Fourth-year elective / designed to introduce students to the evaluation and management of patients with a variety of pulmonary diseases in the inpatient and outpatient setting, working with the chair of medicine.

2.  Internal Medicine Sub-Internships 

Fourth-year elective (4-week minimum) @ St. Mary's Medical Center
Focused on inpatient management of patients admitted to the ward teaching services

3. Intensive Care Medicine MS4 elective rotation in critical care medicine 
Focused on the management of medical, surgical and cardiac ICU patients 

How To Apply

If you are currently a 4th-year medical student interested in applying for a 4-week sub-internship in the Department of Medicine, please be advised that a partial application (send only those documents listed below) must be submitted to the Internal Medicine Residency Coordinator at least 3 months in advance of requested time frame. Applications for clerkships are subject to approval based on criteria and availability.

The Sub-Internship in Internal Medicine requires a minimum of 4-weeks. At the conclusion of four weeks, we provide your student affairs coordinator with a completed evaluation by the attending and team resident. During Sub-Internship, students function as integral members of a ward team and are expected to carry responsibilities similar to interns, i.e. patient care, on-call duty, pager-responsive, attend lectures, morning report, noon conferences, and Grand Rounds. Students are provided complimentary lunch and on-call meals and are welcome to use the Residents’ Lounge.

Students are not provided lodging, stipends, health insurance, liability insurance, lab coats, laundry service, or parking. Parking is available in the hospital’s main garage for a daily fee and street parking is available. Students are required to demonstrate they received training in HIPAA through their school and must provide proof that their school covers them for malpractice insurance. 

Students will receive a photo ID badge prior to their rotation and are provided with hospital scrubs and PPE to be worn at all times or as indicated. An attestation of satisfactory background investigation will be requested by our department and must be completed by the student’s medical school. 

Please include the following documents only when applying:

  1. Current CV
  2. Your specific interest in Internal Medicine; your reasons for wanting to participate in an elective rotation at the St. Mary's Medical Center in San Francisco; what specifically attracts you about a community-based program; what, if any connections you have to the SF Bay Area. 
  3. Reference letter from faculty (physician) who supervised you during your third-year medicine rotation (on letterhead and signed).
  4. List all volunteer work you have done working with the underserved.
  5. Please provide the official transcript confirming you passed USMLE Step 1 (or COMLEX equivalent).

Attachment A - Student Information Page
Attachment B (section I only) - please do not complete Section II at this time
Attachment C - Medical Student Contact Information

Send the above documents to: 

Kathy Banks, Residency Coordinator
Internal Medicine Residency, SMMC
Email: [email protected] 

Following approval of applications students will receive an email tentatively confirming rotation dates and requesting additional documentation, i.e. the complete Application to include Attachment B, Section II: a letter from your Dean or authorized school official (on letterhead w/contact #s) approving your rotation/dates.

Review of complete application will commence registration/ final confirmation of rotation dates; incomplete applications will not be accepted. Please note we require an AAMC Uniform Affiliation Agreement with your school prior to beginning a rotation.

Please be advised that our Medical Center does not offer observerships or externships.