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Letter from the Chief Residents


Welcome to St Mary’s Medical Center, where medical training has been a part of the hospital’s tradition since 1904.

Chief Residents
St. Mary's Medical Center, Internal Medicine Residency

What Makes Our Program Stand Out?


Our program’s philosophy is “education above service”. Our faculty values and promotes education in every setting whether it’s practice-based learning, didactic sessions or scholarly work. St. Mary’s teaching program is affiliated with UCSF, and we maintain the high educational standards of the UC system. Our core faculty serve as teaching faculty at UCSF and have been regarded as extremely approachable, supportive, and passionate about teaching. We tailor our morning and noon conferences to fit the needs of our residents which are well-attended by senior faculty. Our program director and APD are very accessible and personally involved in our teaching every day.

Diverse Pathology

Our hospital is located in the heart of San Francisco, literally across the street from the world-famous Golden Gate Park. We care for patients from a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds and see amazing pathology. About half of our patients come from the middle-class communities of the neighboring Richmond, Fillmore, Castro and Sunset districts, each with a distinctive population. Another half are underserved people coming from Haight-Ashbury, Golden Gate Park, the Tenderloin and Chinatown; factor in tourists who had the bad luck of getting sick on vacation, and you will see that we have a little bit of everything! We have a combined medical-surgical and cardiac ICU that provides us with the opportunity to learn medical management of postoperative spine, cardiac, orthopedic, bariatric and urologic surgery patients, as well as the more traditional multi-organ system failure and mechanical ventilation patients. Our residents rotate to the SF General Hospital and UCSF which allows us to work in high-level trauma centers and see even more diverse pathophysiology in the County and University Hospital settings.

Humane Training Schedule

Our program is compliant with all current ACGME requirements regarding admission and census caps, duty hours monitoring, and sleep deprivation teaching. Our interns are capped at 8 (instead of the 10 allowed by ACGME). We follow an X+Y schedule with golden weekends on clinic weeks every 5-6 weeks. We have a Night Float system and an Intern and Resident Day float. This serves primarily two purposes:

  1. Predictable days off for interns and residents so that you can plan ahead (i).e. your own doctors, dental appointments or fun activities.
  2. Our senior residents act as residents every day on the wards, instead of covering for the intern’s day off,  perfecting their teaching and leadership skills while managing their team. 


As you will see if you’re able to come rotate with us as a student or watch our video tour, camaraderie is something we pride ourselves in.  We are supportive of one another, and there’s a great spirit of teamwork. We often get together for social activities - much of it sponsored by the program!

Fellowships And Research

St. Mary’s residents may complete program director approved research projects at UCSF, San Francisco VA Hospital, and Stanford. Our program has a strong record of matching residents to highly competitive fellowships at top institutions, including Gastroenterology (UCSF, Baylor, Columbia, CPMC); Cardiology (UCSF, UCSF-Fresno, Tulane); Infectious Disease (UCLA, OHSU, NYU);  Pulm/Crit (Tulane, UCSF-Fresno, USC); Heme-Onc (UCSF, Loma Linda, UCI, Fox Chase Center);  Nephrology (OHSU, UCSD, UTSW); Rheumatology (Cedars-Sinai, Scripps); Endocrine (OHSU, UCSF), Geriatrics (UCSF, UCLA, Stanford); Allergy & Immunology (Scripps); and Health Informatics (UCSF, Harvard). Dedicated one-on-one mentorship helps our residents develop strategic plans for fellowship application and career development. Our Program Directors and subspecialty faculty support and encourage fellowships and provide personal mentorship to every resident who should choose that path. Our faculty will help strengthen and promote your fellowship application by providing strong letters of support, place phone calls on your behalf, assist in organizing outside rotations/research projects, and conduct fellowship mock interviews to build confidence on the interview trail! 

Additionally, our residents receive mentoring and support for primary care and hospitalist careers. Our residents have gotten hospitalist positions at UCSF, CPMC, Kaiser SF, John Muir, East Bay, and in the Mills Peninsula, along with their top choices of primary care opportunities. 

Location, Location, Location

Living in San Francisco is amazing! You will find an overload of cultural activity (museums, opera, ballet, theater and concerts, (many of which are free such as the fantastic annual Hardly, Strictly Blue Grass Festival and the Outside Lands in Golden Gate Park), amazing restaurants and bars, and plenty of outdoor activities year-round. St Mary’s Medical Center borders Golden Gate Park, which makes it tempting to get in an early morning run before you start your day or after a long day. We are only minutes from the Pacific Ocean (check out the view of the Golden Gate Bridge from our eighth floor!), a short drive from downtown San Francisco, an hour’s drive from the wine country, and 3.5 hours from Lake Tahoe’s ski slopes.

Bottom Line

Our residency program will train you with academic rigor in a supportive environment, and prepare you well for your career, whether you choose primary care, Hospitalist practice, or subspecialty fellowship training. Come visit us and check it out for yourself!