Resident Support

Employee Assistance Program

Employee assistance program is a confidential way of obtaining professional help to reduce the impact of problems whether personally or professionally. Services are available to all eligible resident employees and their spouse/partner and dependent children. All services are strictly confidential and voluntary and will not be disclosed to anyone, including your supervisor or employer without your written consent.

Housing Stipend

Annual Housing Stipend payable in two installments yearly.

Faculty Advisors

Interns and residents are assigned an advisor who will serve as a mentor providing guidance throughout training: considering career interest of the intern/resident, advisors are matched accordingly.

Healthcare Coverage

Competitive health insurance coverage is provided to house staff, dependents and domestic partner. Benefits include health and dental coverage, vision, prescription health plans, life insurance, disability, accidental death and dismemberment, and extended sick leave. Health coverage begins your first day of employment.

Housestaff Meetings

The Resident Advisory Committee (RAC) consists of elected representative from each class that get together to discuss different issues relative to the program.

Annual Housing Stipend payable in two installments yearly. 


Extensive online library resources are available including Up To Date and PubMed. UCSF medical library and online access are also provided to all residents. Additionally, online access to the UCSF library is available. 


Meal cards are issued for use at the hospital cafeteria per working hours. Catered meals are provided when working on call, and a hot breakfast is provided following night shift. Food is often catered during weekday noon conferences. 

On Call Rooms & Residents’ Lounge

Private on-call sleeping rooms are available to interns and residents, in addition to a well-appointed Residents’ Lounge with adjoining bathroom (w/shower), refrigerator, microwave, large flat screen television, a state of the art therapeutic massage recliner, two computers, and a great view of the San Francisco Bay. 

Physician Wellbeing Committee

Confidential physician support is available to residents 24/7 with regard to any sensitive issues, which may impair the ability to practice safely and effectively.

Social Activities

Department of Medicine hosts annual social events for interns/residents that include Intern Appreciation Day, Residents’ Retreat, wine tasting party, graduation reception, and several other functions organized by chief residents and house staff.

Vacation and Leave

Three weeks paid vacation for all interns and residents: R2s and R3s may take one week educational leave in addition to three weeks paid vacation. Maternity and Paternity leave is offered.