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Neurosurgery & Neurological Procedures on the Central Coast

If you have specific symptoms indicating a neurological condition, your doctor may recommend a neurological procedure or neurosurgery to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Dignity Health Central Coast’s comprehensive neurology team can then develop a personalized care plan that’s right for you and your healing.

Neurosurgery and neurological procedures range from minimally invasive to more extensive, depending on your condition and its severity. Rest assured that your doctor will provide neurological care with care, dignity, and respect for you and your overall well-being.

Find a Doctor today who specializes in neurosurgery and neurological procedures on the Central Coast of California focused on your physical, mental, and spiritual needs.


Advanced Neurosurgery at Dignity Health Central Coast

Our neurological care team uses neurosurgery to help uncover or treat your unique neurological condition. Your doctor will thoroughly cover all the benefits and risks of each type of neurological procedure or surgery.

At Dignity Health Central Coast, we use neurosurgery and neurological procedures for the following reasons:

  • Treat tumors and brain aneurysms with a craniotomy
  • Treat nerve conditions with minimally invasive neurosurgery
  • Diagnose disorders, such as sleep apnea, with a sleep study or other procedure
  • Diagnose neuromuscular disorders by measuring your muscle’s response to electrical impulses using an electromyogram (EMG) test
  • Diagnose conditions affecting your spinal fluid, such as bleeding or an infection, with a spinal tap

Your neurologist will carefully review the risks and what to expect with neurosurgery or a diagnostic procedure. The goal is early diagnosis so that prompt treatment can help you avoid more serious complications and enjoy a higher quality of life.

For exceptional neurological care, meet with a doctor at Dignity Health Central Coast.

Dignity Health offers comprehensive neurological care to diagnose and treat a number of conditions with neurological procedures, such as neurosurgery, on the Central Coast of California.

Neurosurgery & Neurological Procedures on the Central Coast