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Elevating the standard of care for uterine fibroids

Elevating the standard of care for uterine fibroids

Introducing Acessa®

Taking pride in bringing leading-edge technologies to our community, we are the first hospital in the greater Los Angeles area to offer this latest technique for minimally-invasive fibroid treatment as an alternative to the other forms fibroid treatment. 

70% of women have fibroids – benign uterine tumors that grow on or in the uterus. And when fibroids cause disruptive symptoms in their daily lives, women have options. Yet many fibroid patients do not seek treatment because they fear hysterectomy is their only option - Acessa is a new option for them. 

Acessa is a laparoscopic radiofrequency thermal ablation outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia that destroys living fibroid tissue using a thin radiofrequency needle. During the procedure, the fibroids are thermally dehydrated and the surrounding healthy tissues are spared. Acessa enables most women to keep their uterus, and obtain rapid and significant relief from their symptoms without undergoing other fibroid procedures. 

With Acessa, patients leave the hospital on the same day, typically resume normal activities within 4 – 5 days, and enjoy a greatly improved quality of life. And, there is extremely high patient satisfaction and a very low need for further treatment.

Why the Acessa Procedure?

Because women deserve a life without fibroid symptoms! Hysterectomy is not the only way to get there. That’s why this woman-focused alternative to conventional fibroid treatments was created. Acessa was developed to treat fibroids and only fibroids.

How Acessa Works  

Essentially, Acessa delivers heat directly into a fibroid in order to destroy its tissue and in turn relieve your symptoms. The dead fibroid tissue shrinks and shrivels, and is not harmful. It gets absorbed by the body, just like any other dead tissue cells. Only three small incisions are needed, one in the belly button, one above the bikini line, and one small incision by the bikini line.

The Results

With a 94% patient satisfaction rate, the Acessa procedure addresses nearly all fibroid symptoms. Individual results may vary as every fibroid and every woman is different. However, women typically saw the most symptom improvement within 3 months of the procedure with continued improvement throughout the first year. 

Is it Safe?

The Acessa procedure has been FDA cleared since 2012. There have been multiple clinical studies with a combined over 750 patients studied. Acessa Health Inc. reports over 4,000 cases have been performed to date.

Are You a Candidate for Acessa?

If you suffer from heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding, abdominal pain and pressure, frequent urination, and low energy due to anemia, you may have uterine fibroids. To learn more so you can speak to your doctor or OB/GYN about the Acessa procedure, go to the Acessa website here

Learn More about Fibroid Treatment at Northridge Hospital Medical Center

For more information about fibroid treatment please call 818.700.5678. At this time, the Acessa Fibroid procedures are performed at Northridge Hospital by Steve Yu, MD of the Northridge Family Medicine OB/GYN Services located at 18406 Roscoe Blvd, Suite A, Northridge, CA 91325.