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Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

From injury prevention to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle following rehabilitation, St. Mary Medical Center is committed to helping patients with brain injuries through every step of their experience.

Inpatient Neurorehabilitation

You may receive inpatient therapy in an acute setting while hospitalized. We offer an area dedicated to careful observation for patients who have suffered a more extensive brain injury. This allows close monitoring of your progress to provide you with the greatest benefit possible. 

Outpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Once you’ve been discharged from the hospital, you may be referred to the St. Mary outpatient brain injury rehab program to continue your treatment. Our dedicated staff will work with you to get you moving again and help you regain as much independence and normalcy as possible for your unique circumstances.

Learn More About Brain Injury Rehabilitation At St. Mary Medical Center

For more information, please call (562) 491-9000. To find a physician, please call (562) 491-4895 or use our search tool to Find a Doctor.