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Expert Surgery for a Dislocated Elbow on the Central Coast

Has a slip and fall left you with a dislocated elbow? In addition to significant pain, this orthopedic condition may require elbow surgery.

Most elbow dislocations are repaired by slowly and gently guiding your bone back into place. Others, however, require surgery for dislocation to restore your elbow joint to its normal position and repair damaged ligaments.

Dignity Health Central Coast orthopedic surgeons can provide the personalized treatment you need. Find a Doctor today to determine whether elbow surgery for dislocation on California’s Central Coast will prevent recurring dislocations and repair damaged ligaments in your elbow.


Elbow Dislocation Surgical Treatment at Dignity Health Central Coast

Your doctor may want to schedule orthopedic surgery at Dignity Health Central Coast a few days after you first dislocate your elbow to allow time for swelling to go down in your elbow and arm.

Your doctor may recommend elbow dislocation surgery for: 

  • Fractures (broken bones) with dislocation
  • Frequent elbow dislocations
  • Damage to your ligaments that hold your elbow together
  • Severe dislocations with damage to your blood vessels and nerves

Elbow surgery for dislocation may take place at one of our local Dignity Health Central Coast hospitals:

Our surgical care teams are made up of doctors, orthopedic nurses, case managers, physical therapists, and occupational therapists who are specially trained in the latest procedures.


Elbow Dislocation Surgery Recovery Time

Following elbow surgery for dislocation, physical therapy will help speed your recovery, strengthen the joint, and prevent recurrences. You can expect full recovery over the course of several weeks or months.

Want to better understand elbow surgery for dislocation on the Central Coast? Schedule an appointment with an expert at Dignity Health.

Dignity Health’s award-winning orthopedics program effectively treats many conditions, including elbow surgery for dislocation on California’s Central Coast.