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Rehabilitation Center

The Rehabilitation Institute of Henderson at the Rose de Lima Campus provides empathetic, comprehensive inpatient rehabilitative care ... to give YOU the best way home.

The team at the Rehabilitation Institute of Henderson partners with patients who have lost their independence because of illness or catastrophic health episode (traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries). During the rehabilitation process, our treatment team uses advanced technology and individually-tailored programs that focus on the patient's abilities rather than their disabilities. This positive approach, combined with our holistic and healing environment, allows our rehabilitation professionals to help patients find a renewed sense of achievement, strength, and independence.

What to Expect

When considering a rehabilitation center, patients and their families should make sure that the facility has all of the services they are going to need. Our Rehabilitation Institute is located on the fourth floor of Rose de Lima hospital, which allows us to provide our patients rehabilitation care and acute care services – if needed – all under one roof. Should an emergency occur or a complication arise, intensive care and cardiac care services are immediately available. In addition, St. Rose can treat patients requiring Heparin drips, TPN, Cardiac Telemetry Monitoring, and on site Hemodialysis is available.                                                

Rehabilitation requires a balance of therapy and rest, so your daily schedule will include opportunities for both. (Your schedule will depend on your needs and preferences). When you are not in therapy, you are given the chance to practice the skills you are learning and mingle with other patients.

Patients must be ready to make strong commitments to:

  1. Follow the rehabilitation program and schedule they develop with their physicians, therapists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, and
  2. Perform their therapeutic exercises.

We strongly encourage members of your family to attend therapy sessions, classes, and support groups so they can follow your progress and provide support.

The Rehabilitation Institute at St. Rose Dominican offers a comprehensive spectrum of rehabilitation services that doesn't end once the patient is discharged, including home health care, outpatient continued care, support groups, and additional follow up.

For more information on the Rehabilitation Institute of Henderson or our services, please call: 855.727.3707.