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Serving the Community

The Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican hospitals and medical clinics, and Dignity Health, take pride in serving our communities. Learn more by visiting the specific sections listed below.

Community Benefit Reports

At Dignity Health, a key part of our mission is supporting the health of our communities in meaningful, measurable ways. It is also part of our mandate as a non-profit healthcare provider under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. That is why each and every one of our hospitals goes to great lengths to study and ascertain the most pressing health needs of the communities they serve. This process and its conclusions are described in a document called the Community Health Needs Assessment, which is updated every three years.

Based on the findings of the Community Health Needs Assessment, each hospital develops an Implementation Strategy to address significant identified health needs.

It is also important to report on the progress of our activities and to update our plans each year. To that purpose, each hospital produces an annual Community Benefit Report and Plan.

Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican proudly make all three of these reports available to the public.

Community Health Needs Assessment

2022 Needs Assessment – Rose de Lima Campus 
2022 Needs Assessment – San Martin Campus 
2022 Needs Assessment – Siena Campus 

2019 Needs Assessment – Rose de Lima Campus 
2019 Needs Assessment – San Martin Campus 
2019 Needs Assessment – Siena Campus 

Community Health Implementation Strategy

2019 Implementation Strategy - Rose de Lima Campus
2019 Implementation Strategy - San Martin Campus
2019 Implementation Strategy - Siena Campus

2016 Implementation Strategy – Rose de Lima Campus 
2016 Implementation Strategy – San Martin Campus 
2016 Implementation Strategy – Siena Campus 

Annual Community Benefit Report and Plan

2021 Report – Rose de Lima Campus 
2021 Report – San Martin Campus
2021 Report – Siena Campus 

Learn more about Dignity Health’s community health programs. 

To request more information about these reports, or to provide written comments, we welcome you to contact us by e-mail at [email protected].

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St. Rose Employees Give Back

Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican employees partnered with Rebuilding Together to make critical repairs to three homes in the Las Vegas Valley. Rebuilding Together, the nation’s leading nonprofit organization working to preserve affordable home ownership and revitalize communities, has a network of more than 200 affiliates. Our employees work with Rebuilding Together on repairing homes at least once or twice each year.