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Palliative Care Services

Palliative care is most often associated with the terminally ill (those with less than six months to live), but at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican hospitals, palliative care services are extended to any patient facing a chronic illness, terminal or not.

Building a culture of compassion through care ...

St. Rose's award-winning Palliative Care program increases comfort for families by providing information, education and advocacy to relieve the physical, psychological, social and spiritual suffering that may occur during the course of a life-altering illness.


Our Palliative Care team is here to help with advance planning ... for health goal clarification, symptom relief, improved quality of life with a chronic illness and end of life care. The team consists of palliative care nurses, social workers, and chaplains.

Palliative Care is appropriate ...

  • At any age
  • At any time
  • For any diagnosis, depending on the patient’s needs
  • As a complement to disease therapy

Palliative Care benefits ...

  • Patients in need of coordination of health care during a complex illness
  • Patients and families who are struggling to make decisions about complex medical issues
  • Patients and families who may have conflicting goals of care
  • Seriously-ill and/or dying patients whose symptoms are difficult to manage by working with their physicians and health care staff to manage symptoms
  • Family caregivers in finding support and resources, locally and nationally

The St. Rose Palliative Care team provides ...

  • Relief of pain and distressing symptoms
  • Assistance with emotional, psychosocial and spiritual needs
  • Help clarifying the patient's goals
  • Support with difficult decision making
  • Encouragement for family caregivers

For more information, speak with your physician or call the Palliative Care team at (702) 616-5977.