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Birth center services

Delivering something extraordinary, every day

Delivering something extraordinary, every day.

Delivering your baby is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. No matter how many children you have, each birth creates a unique connection — it’s the start of an intimate bond that you’ll share for the rest of your life. That’s why our teams at the San Martín and Siena Birth Centers take such great care to support family connections during this time. 

Our birthing suites are large, designed to give Mom plenty of room to move around during labor, with pull-out beds so your significant other can spend the night. We also support rooming-in, allowing Mom and baby to get to know each other during this special time.

Take a birth center tour

Life's first hellos start here. Take a free in-person tour of the spacious, private suites in the Birth Centers at the San Martin and Siena Campuses, and see first hand what it's like to deliver your baby at St. Rose Dominican. Don't have time for an in person tour? Take a virtual tour! We're always happy to answer questions!

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Pregnancy services

Pregnancy is an exciting and complicated time. For nine months, you'll carry your baby inside you wherever you go, and after birth, you'll share an eternal bond of love. But it’s also normal for you to feel scared, nervous, and excited — all at once.

With a philosophy rooted in compassion and love, the obstetricians at our Birth Centers are dedicated to guiding you through every step in your journey. 

It’s natural to have a lot of questions. We are here to help answer them for you!

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Labor & delivery

When you expect the very best in care, Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican’s San Martín and Siena Campuses are sure to deliver. The miracle of life starts right here in our Birth Centers as comfort and technology combine to embrace you and your family.

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After birth care

We understand how precious your little one is to your family and that it's critical that they get quality care from day one to help ensure a healthy life. With our baby-first postnatal care options, we are here to assist with breastfeeding, skin-to-skin bonding, newborn screenings, neonatal intensive care units, and a variety of parenting classes.  Newborn photos are available through Bella Baby Photography, and the Children's Emergency Room at the Siena Campus will be available if you need it. 

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