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Newborn baby with mother

After birth care

Our team at Dignity Health – St. Rose Dominican is here to help you through the entire birth process and beyond.

Postnatal care at St. Rose Dominican in Henderson

We understand how precious your little one is to your family, so it’s critical that they get quality care from day one to ensure your baby's optimum health and wellness.

With our baby-first postnatal care options, like skin-to-skin bonding and expert lactation specialists, we’ll help your baby have a great start.

Newborn screenings

The first minutes of your baby’s life are important for their health. During this time, your doctor, nurses, and support staff evaluate your baby for any potential concerns and provide necessary care. They also perform tests to measure your baby’s breathing and heart rate. Vaccinations and special eye drops or ointment to prevent infection are also available. 


Your delivery team performs newborn screenings (typically three tests) to assess your baby’s health during the first day of life. These help determine if your baby has any potential serious health issues right after birth. If a condition or abnormality is discovered, your health team can treat the issue right away, reducing or event preventing future health problems. 

These screenings include:

  • Blood test to evaluate whether or not your baby needs additional tests
  • Hearing test to check for hearing loss
  • Critical congenital heart defects (CCHD) test to identify any potential heart problems.

Newborn screening tests are completely safe and pose no risks to your baby, aside from brief discomfort when the provider pricks your baby’s skin during the blood test.


Your baby won’t need any additional tests if the screening results are negative. For out-of-normal range results, your baby may need the test again to rule out a false positive. Your doctor may recommend additional tests to confirm a diagnosis and provide a personalized plan for treatment.


Your health care provider will continue to assess the health of your baby in a hospital, a doctor’s office, at your home, or over the phone, depending on your baby’s specific needs. Together with your doctor, you can make sure your baby receives everything he or she needs to be as healthy as possible.

newborn photography

Helping mom adjust

Giving birth can have a huge effect on your body, mind, and life, so it’s important to get postpartum care that addresses your physical, mental, and emotional needs for months after birth. 

Postpartum care can assist with: 

  • Bleeding after birth
  • Breast health
  • Problems going to the bathroom
  • Vaginal and C-section healing
  • Emotions, mood changes, and symptoms of postpartum depression

Whatever your needs may be, our care team will help you recover from childbirth and have a healthy transition to a post-birth body and lifestyle.

newborn photography

Newborn photos

Giving birth is one of your family’s most precious moments. At St. Rose Dominican, we help you capture this very special time by offering professional newborn photographs through Bella Baby, with no obligation to purchase.

Bella Baby brings an experienced, professional photographer right to your mommy/baby suite to capture your baby’s first moments with a natural, artistic style. The photographs encompass a wide variety of poses and include shots with parents and siblings, creating a beautiful experience for the whole family to remember. 

The Bella Baby “experience slideshow” is more than just displaying photos on their website. Families receive a custom-made, password-protected slideshow that can be shared for 2 weeks with family and friends. And photos are online within minutes of the photo shoot.

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