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Children's Emergency Room in Henderson, Nevada

Secure your spot in our pediatric emergency room

Siena Pediatric ER in Henderson, NV

Kids are NOT just mini versions of adults. Their needs - medical and emotional - are unique and require medical experts specifically trained in pediatrics to properly address and treat them.

The Children's Emergency Room at the Siena Campus in Henderson, Nevada, is the only hospital ER in the southeast part of the valley that caters specifically to children.

Please note that free valet parking is available near the Children's Emergency Room at the Siena Campus.


Our Siena Campus Children's ER provides:

  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physicians, 24/7
  • Specialized Pediatric Emergency Nurses
  • A more child-friendly setting separate from the main emergency room
  • Collaborative care with your family pediatrician
  • Around-the-clock care - day or night, seven days a week, 365 days a year

Siena's Pediatric ER treats kids

When should I take my child to the ER?

Though it's always our hope that you and your child won't have to visit an emergency room any time soon, should the need arise, we are here and dedicated to caring for your child in the way only St. Rose Dominican hospitals can - with compassion and quality care.

Call 9-1-1 or go straight to the emergency room if your child has:

  • vomiting after a head trauma, if accompanied by severe abdominal pain or is green
  • diarrhea with high fever or if your child refuses to drink, is listless, or has bloody stool
  • has trouble breathing 
  • has a broken limb
  • loses consciousness after head trauma
  • is under the care of a doctor for a serious condition
  • needs to be seen right away

For information or to find a pediatrician, please call (702) 616-4900.