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Emergency Treatment for Head Injury in Las Vegas, NV

Head injuries can be internal (affecting the brain or skull) or external (involving the scalp). They can also be open (indicating the skull is broken) or closed (meaning the skull remains intact). Examples of head injuries include scalp wounds, brain hemorrhage, skull fractures, and concussion. A doctor should evaluate most head injuries. 

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Head Injury Symptoms

Trauma is the cause of head injuries. Examples include assault, motor vehicle accidents, falls, and accidents during sports, work, or other activities.

Symptoms of head injury depend on the specific injury. For scalp wounds, the main symptom is bleeding. Because it is very rich in blood vessels that are close to the skin, the scalp can bleed profusely. Swelling can also occur. It usually appears as a knot on the scalp.

The symptoms of internal head injuries are not always obvious right away. It’s hard to know how serious a head injury is without medical evaluation. Symptoms of an internal head injury can include:

  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • Amnesia and memory problems
  • Dizziness
  • Problems sleeping
  • Changes in mental function and difficulty concentrating
  • Personality changes

Call 911 and seek emergency medical care for the following symptoms:

  • Extreme sleepiness
  • Vomiting
  • Serious wound
  • Abnormal behavior
  • Seizures
  • Inability to move a limb or weakness 
  • Sudden vision problems, such as double vision or decreased vision 
  • Difficulty seeing, breathing, or speaking 
  • Clear fluid or blood coming from the mouth, ears, or nose
  • Unequal pupils
  • Stiff neck or severe headache 
  • Loss of consciousness, even if very brief


Head Injury Treatment at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican

Minor injuries, such as superficial scalp wounds, usually heal without medical attention. For severe head injuries, call 911 and remember:

  • Do not move the person unless absolutely necessary. Help them remain still until medical help arrives. Do not pick up a child.
  • Do not remove any object lodged in the wound or head. Do not remove a helmet.
  • Monitor breathing and pulse. Begin CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) if necessary and continue until help arrives.
  • Apply direct pressure to a wound unless you suspect a skull fracture. 
  • Do not attempt to clean or rinse the wound. This can make the bleeding worse. Instead, apply a sterile bandage.

You can help prevent head injuries by always wearing a properly sized helmet during sports and other recreational activities and wearing your seatbelt.

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