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Women's Health in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

Health Care Tailored for Her

Meeting the health care needs of women of all ages.


Women's Health

Women's health services at St. Rose Dominican hospitals range from obstetrics and gynecology to advanced treatment for high-risk pregnancies as well as cancers that affect women.

St. Rose Dominican and the six Dignity Health Wellness and Outreach Centers are dedicated to meeting the comprehensive health care needs of women of all ages.  A variety of fitness, health, nutrition, and wellness classes addressing women's health issues are offered along with numerous support groups! Take a look at our classes and support groups and register online now!

Gynecology Conditions

Gynecology is the field of medicine that focuses on women’s health throughout every stage of life — from birth to adolescence to middle age and beyond. At Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican hospitals, our experienced gynecologists, along with primary care doctors, family doctors, and internists, offer gynecologic services at our hospital campuses of Rose de Lima, San Martín, and Siena. 

Gynecologic Oncology

Gynecological cancer affects the tissues and organs of the female reproductive system. Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican oncologists who specialize in women's health services diagnose and treat gynecological cancer in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.

Gynecological Surgery

Gynecologic surgery is used to treat problems of the female reproductive system. Your OB/GYN may recommend surgery to treat a variety of conditions. Many gynecologic surgeries can be performed using minimally invasive techniques, where the surgeon uses tiny incisions in the abdomen or vagina, instead of making large incisions in the abdomen to reach reproductive organs.

Wellness & Outreach Centers

The Dignity Health Wellness and Outreach Centers have embraced men and women of all ages since 1998, encouraging them in their roles as fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, caregivers and friends. These Outreach Centers offer over 4,000 classes every year reaching 80,000 residents with programs that cover the following topics:

  • Evidence-Based Disease Management & Prevention Programs: Chronic Pain Self-Management, Diabetes Prevention Program, Prediabetes Programs, Stepping On: Fall Prevention, Powerful Tools for Caregivers, Enhance Fitness (an exercise group program that helps older adults at all levels of fitness), asthma, CHAMP (Congestive Heart Active Management Program)
  • Prevention: fitness, nutrition, wellness, smoking cessation, meditation
  • Pregnancy & Childbirth, Family Education & Breastfeeding
  • Support Groups & Senior Peer Counseling
  • WIC (Women, Infants & Children) Program


Women's Imaging

At Dignity Health, your health care team of nurses, technicians, and radiologists may use imaging scans and diagnostic tests to pinpoint the cause of abnormal symptoms and inform the appropriate medical treatment. These tests and scans are frequently performed in the radiology, women's imaging, or women's diagnostic imaging department of our hospitals.