Labor & Delivery Services

Having a baby is an exciting and challenging time, and the team at St. Rose Dominican is here for you every step of the way.


A Labor of Love

At Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican, we begin caring for you and your baby well before he or she even arrives. We start by offering comprehensive tours of our Birth Centers. The care continues during your labor and delivery and the immediate postpartum period. Then, after you and your baby leave the hospital, we offer ongoing support through our parenting classes and events.

Labor and Delivery Services at St. Rose Dominican

Features of our program include:

  • Comfortable birthing suites. We designed our suites to reflect our family-centered philosophy and facilitate family bonding. We encourage significant others to spend the night on the pullout beds in the patient rooms and allow the mother to decide who can be present in the labor and delivery room during the birth experience.
  • Your birth, your choice. At St. Rose Dominican, we empower you to deliver your baby in the way that is most comfortable to you. We will support you during the birth process, whether you want to deliver in an unconventional position, walk or sit during labor or opt out of intravenous lines.
  • Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) program. St. Rose Dominican has a strong VBAC program, which makes it possible for women who had previous C-section births to have a natural birth experience. With the guidance and support of our expert labor and delivery team, many women have a smooth, natural birth.
  • Advanced neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). If your baby requires extra services and attention, the Level II and Level III NICUs at St. Rose Dominican provide specialized critical care for our littlest patients. Learn more about our NICUs
  • Attentive care. Having a baby is both exciting and stressful. This is why, during the post-delivery stay, our nursing team provides personalized, dedicated care and support for you and your baby. Whether you need breastfeeding help or advice on how to care for your new baby (or yourself), our experienced team will help you feel confident as a new parent.
  • Prenatal and postpartum education. We offer instructional classes on topics such as infant care, new mother care, breastfeeding and nutrition.Learn more about our classes and events and register online now!
  • Donor breast milk program. St. Rose Dominican is the only hospital in the area with a donor breast milk program for babies in the Level III NICU whose mothers cannot breastfeed. Breast milk gives these fragile babies the best nutrition possible and offers natural protection against infections.


We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your stay with us, so we provide expert, personalized care for mothers and babies in our advanced Mother/Baby Suites. Find a St. Rose doctor.


As soon as I saw the Labor & Delivery suite, I knew I was going to have my baby at St. Rose Dominican! ~ Patty, Henderson

"Loved our time at Siena bringing our first baby into the world! Nurses Anna and Angie were amazing." ~ Stephanie, Henderson

"I don't think I could have given birth at a better hospital. ... The nurses and anesthesiologist were very professional throughout the procedure ... and then the red carpet was rolled out. I am a new and fairly young mother ... the nurse stayed with me and talked me through the fear I was having ... The rooms are very private and you get your own space; no sharing at all. You have your own bathroom and couch for visitors and the FLAT SCREEN TV DOUBLES AS A COMPUTER! ..."  ~ Dominique, Henderson

"Best place to have a baby! Came back for #2 and the nurses/staff were excellent as usual." ~ Julius, Las Vegas

Our labor and delivery services include:

Features of our Birth Centers

  • FREE Birth Center Tours. Come visit our hospitals and see firsthand what it's like to have a baby at St. Rose Dominican. Schedule your tour now!

  • Mother/Baby Suites. All of the suites at St. Rose Dominican are private, and many are all-inclusive rooms, for labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum (LDRPs). This means minimal moving on your part during your stay, increasing your comfort and well-being. Our facility also includes advanced cesarean suites for mothers requiring a C-section.

  • Rooming in. We believe that the best person to care for your new baby is you. Your baby stays with you 24/7, while receiving the care and support of our nursing and lactation specialists.

  • Family-friendly accommodations. We encourage significant others to stay the night. In addition, all family members have visiting privileges during the day. Our comfortable rooms are also equipped with Wi-Fi.

  • Laborists available 24/7. These are doctors with specialized training in labor and delivery. In addition to assisting in all births, they are important members of our VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) program.

  • Advanced monitoring technologies. The health and safety of you and your baby are our number one priority. Our wireless fetal monitors allow mom the freedom to move around while critical information about your infant is still monitored.

  • Critical care for infants. Our neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) provide specialized care for premature or critically ill babies. Learn more about our NICUs.

  • Full range of classes, education, and support for new parents. Learn more about our , including prenatal support, breastfeeding instruction, and parenting support.

Neonatal Intensive Care Units at St. Rose Dominican

Some babies are born prematurely or needing extra attention and care. Our NICUs provide that next level of care for our smallest patients. There is a Level II NICU at St. Rose Dominican's San Martín Campus and a Level III NICU (the highest designation) at St. Rose Dominican's Siena Campus. We help coordinate transfer for your baby between the two NICUs, depending on the level of care he or she needs. Our hospitals are in constant communication so your baby will receive seamless, uninterrupted care. Learn more about our NICUs.

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