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Have a Vaginal Birth after C-Section in Siena Hospital

A VBAC is when a woman has a vaginal birth after having had a cesarean section in a previous pregnancy.

Talk with your obstetrician at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican about whether a VBAC is a good option for you. We can safely provide VBAC in Henderson, NV at our Siena hospital. Find a trusted OB today. You can also register online or call (702) 616-4900 to tour our birth centers or sign up for one of our prenatal, pregnancy, and childbirth classes.


Should I Have a VBAC?

Some women who have had a C-section with an earlier pregnancy may wish to give birth vaginally in a subsequent pregnancy. Vaginal births require shorter recovery times and may help lessen your risks during future deliveries. Other benefits of a vaginal delivery include less blood loss and lower risk of infection.

About 90 percent of women who have had a C-section in the past are still candidates for a vaginal delivery, and up to 80 percent of women who attempt a VBAC are successful.

You should not attempt a VBAC if you:

  • Have high vertical scars (the cesarean incision was made going down the belly, not across)
  • Want to induce labor
  • Have a large or breech baby
  • Have had a previous uterine rupture

Do not attempt a VBAC outside a hospital or in a hospital that is not well equipped for an emergency C-section.


What to Expect from VBAC

Preparing for and attempting a VBAC is the same as preparing for a regular vaginal delivery. You can still have an epidural with a VBAC, if you want one. If you choose to attempt a VBAC, you should still be prepared for a C-section in the event the vaginal delivery is unsuccessful.

Discuss the benefits and risk of VBAC with your obstetrician to learn if you’re a candidate.


VBAC Recovery at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican

Women who have a successful vaginal birth after having had a C-section in the past will have about the same recovery experience as with a regular vaginal birth. For example, you may have fatigue and vaginal soreness. If you tear or have an episiotomy, you will need to have stitches to assist with healing. Your overall healing time will likely be much shorter than recovering from a C-section.

Dignity Health  - St. Rose Dominican offers vaginal birth after C-section in Henderson, NV.