Salary & Benefits

Learn more about the benefits and salary you earn as a resident in the Dignity Health Family Medicine Residency Program at Northridge Hospital.

  • Competitive salary: PGY1 $58,240.00; PGY2 $61,518.91; PGY3 $65,923.73; Sports Fellow $69,051.01
    • Plus a tax Saving Annuity with matching Dignity Health funds program.
  • Health insurance: All residents (and their families at minimal cost) are offered individual health insurance including Medical, Dental, Vision Care and Disability Insurance.
  • Vacation: Four weeks per year (20 working days) for all residents. Up to five (5) additional days for Personal Time Off (medical leave and family emergencies).
    • PGY3 receive an extra week for CME / board study / review and 3 additional days for interviews (can be split into ½ days).
  • Paid Licensure: DEA and as of January 2020, all residents entering graduate medical education programs in the state of California must possess a California Postgraduate Training License (PTL) within 180 days (6 months) from 1st day of residency
    • Certifications, PALS & NRP and renewals for BLS/ACLS. (PALS optional during PGY3).
  • Professional liability coverage: Professional liability coverage is provided to our residents for claims that arise out of the performance of their duties as Northridge Hospital Medical Center employees (tail included).
  • Counseling service: The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides confidential, free, short-term professional counseling for employees and family members (mental and financial wellness).
  • Parking: Free physician parking on campus within 250 feet of hospital.
  • Meals: Residents receive breakfast, lunch and dinner for free at our cafeteria while on any shift ($10 per meal). Night team receives a $105 dollar stipend for Float Rotations to help purchase food on their own.
  • Educational stipend: An annual stipend of $400 is available that can be used toward the purchase of books, educational software, study materials,
    • An additional $1,000 dollar stipend is given to the PGY3 for CME or to pay for ABFM board exam.
  • Educational resources: Access to medical literature is a necessary component of modern medicine, both at point of care decision making and for ongoing knowledge enrichment. Our residency provides a number of valuable access points including AAFP Membership, UpToDate, UCLA Library/Dynamed (BOL), Core Content, Sonosim Modules, MDConsult, and the New England Journal of Medicine through Northridge Hospital. These online resources are also accessible from home.


Resident Office Spaces / Lounging Areas:

In addition to the main site located in the Family Medicine Clinic where the residents have their own office with permanent desks and lockers, the residents also have a few offices located in the hospital with their own workstations to accommodate office space needs while on inpatient rotations with plenty of space for chalk talks in each office.

  • Medicine team has a large office for social distancing with 6 workstations and lounging area including a pull out couch, recliners, T.V., fridge, microwave and space for morning report / lectures. 
  • Pediatrics team has an area designated with 3 workstations, one for each resident and one for Peds Attending.

OB Resident Office – has 1 workstation and space for 2 residents and attending including a bed.

Residents have access to doctors lounge and participate in all hospital events for physicians and employees.

Resident House

The resident house is located across the street from the hospital and is a Single Family Home that was donated to the residents many years ago. It can be used to study, sleeping quarters after a night shift if you are unable to drive, for intermittent napping, or to just hang out with your colleagues. The house is going through renovations in the summer of 2021! Renovations include fresh paint, new floors and new garden space in the backyard.


Our residents are the only residents in the hospital and have the opportunity and easy access to rotate with any of our attendings in any specialty on the medical staff.


The Residency Retreat is held each fall at a local seaside resort. Residents are invited to bring their significant others and children to share in the weekend. The weekend includes morning sessions with the Residents and Faculty discussing curriculum and other residency related issues, followed by an afternoon of fun for everyone at the park or beach, usually including a friendly game of football or softball.

Recent update discussed at retreat:

Call Nights

The residents have put into place a long shift coverage system along with a night float/overnight system and no longer have 24 hour calls. This also guarantees the residents have Saturday / Sunday off while on inpatient medicine and only have day rounds while on Peds and OB. 

Everyone attends the Saturday night dinner party in costume relevant to the theme of the weekend. We get to take a little break from medicine and enjoy each other socially for an entire weekend…and best of all no pagers!!!  

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