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Child birth & motherhood

See below for the classes we offer, along with links to sign-up online.


Birthing & Baby Care Classes

Our childbirth classes are for expectant mothers and their coaches. Class topics include the late stages of pregnancy, when to go to the hospital, stages of labor, birth and what to expect the first few days after birth. Pain management options, breathing and relaxation techniques will also be covered. Birthing classes and designed to fit your needs, whether this is your first or third pregnancy.


Childbirth Preparation
A three-week series that meets once per week.

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Prenatal Seminar
A series that meets over two consecutive Saturday mornings or weekday evenings.

Express Childbirth Preparation
Meets on a Saturday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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Comfort Measures for Labor and Birth
This interactive three-hour class is designed to assist moms and partners in achieving their goal for labor and birth, whether un-medicated or not, through a wide variety of comfort techniques. Class focuses on topics, such as, breathing, relaxation, and positioning to manage the challenges of labor. Completion of a birthing class, or a previous personal labor and/or birth, is a prerequisite for this class.

The Art of Breastfeeding
Expectant mothers and their coaches will learn about the advantages of breastfeeding in this three-hour course. Topics include how breastfeeding works, baby’s feeding cues, initiating breastfeeding, milk production and some common breastfeeding challenges.

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Pumping Basics
This interactive two-hour class is designed to guide mom and her partner in the use of their breast pump, how and when to pump, returning to work, and the logistics surrounding that process. Completion of a Breastfeeding class or a previous personal breastfeeding experience, is a prerequisite. This class may be taken before or after the birth of your baby.   Moms may bring their infant and a support person. 

Baby Your Baby
In this interactive newborn care class, parents will learn tips and techniques for feeding, burping, bathing, swaddling and caring for their newborn. Important topics such as baby care basics, SIDS, and when to call the pediatrician are also covered in this three-hour course.

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