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Disease Management

The WomensCare Centers of Excellence/Outreach Centers offer a wide variety of programs to help members of the community manage chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke, HIV, and asthma.


CDC National Diabetes Prevention Program ((DPP)

  • This evidence-based program developed by the CDC for participants who are overweight and at risk for developing diabetes 
  • 12-month program presented by Registered Dietitians (RD) and Certified Diabetes Educators
  • Goal for participants is a 5-7% weight loss and 150 minutes of physical activity each week

Newly Diagnosed Diabetes

American Diabetes Association (ADA)

  • Individual and group education opportunities 
  • 16-hour education programs presented by Registered Nurses, Certified Diabetes Educators, and Registered Dietitians

Lifestyle/Behavior Modification

Stanford Diabetes Management Program

  • This 6-week program let by diabetes leaders offers support, healthy eating tips, medication management, and communication skills that complement the patient's current medical treatment.

Heart Disease Prevention

Nutrition Classes

  • Cardiac Nutrition, Heart-healthy Cooking, Weight Management, Nutrition Consultations, etc.

Fitness Classes

  • Walking Clubs, Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Enhance Fitness, Zumba Gold, etc.

Meditation Classes

  • Energy Healing Circles, Relaxation Meditations, Manage Your Stress, Senior Peer Counseling, etc.

CHAMP (Congestive Heart Active Management Program)

Heart failure is a condition that simply means your heart has weakened, which can cause shortness of breath and reduced stamina. The CHAMP® program involves you in your own recovery. CHAMP® RNs, through regular phone interaction and education, will help you and your family better understand and manage this condition. 

Stroke Programs

  • Stroke Club & Aphasia Lunch Bunch, sharegiver hospital visits, Powerful Tools for Caregivers

Asthma Programs

  • Better Breathers Club - respiratory therapists teach COPD patients how COPD affects the lungs, breathing techniques, exercise, medications and treatment options
  • Freedom From Smoking Classes