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Rehabilitation Center Advanced Technology

The latest in life-changing technology is continually incorporated into the Rehabilitation Institute's programs while new equipment is brought in to enhance the gyms and patient rooms.

The Rehabilitation Institute’s movement lab uses the following types of advanced technology to help patients with traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries restore function:

Hocoma® Products – a leader in robotic rehabilitation therapy, Hocoma® products help speed functional recovery for neurological movement disorders.

  • Lokomat® – a customizable robotic gait training system (on a treadmill) that helps patients following spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Cerebral Palsy, and other neurological diseases and injury regain the ability to walk.
  • IRF Locomat
  • Armeo®Power Arm and Hand Therapy – an upper extremity robot that helps patients regain arm movement. The effort in this therapy is initiated by the patient rather than a therapist.
  • IRF Armeo
  • Erigo® – a safe mobilization system that gradually moves the patient into an upright position allowing the ability to stand upright and improve circulation while doing passive, active or resisted exercise. It also has FES (functional electrical stimulation) just approved by the food and drug administration to assist muscles in contracting and to quicken strengthening.
  • IRF Erigo

Likorall™ 243ES Lift System® – an overhead lift system that provides strong, secure lifting that assists patients with walking.

VitalStim® Therapy – a breakthrough therapy using electrical stimulation along with traditional therapy to help patients regain the ability to swallow.

iPads and Wii Systems® – used to enhance brain training and help with the independent activities of daily living.

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