Health Education

To help you and your family members lead healthy lives, St. Bernardine Medical Center offers a variety of educational programs and services that cover a variety of topics, including diabetes and diabetes management, keeping your heart healthy, eating right, controlling stress and more.

More Information

If you would like any more information regarding classes, events, or community resources please contact (hablamos español):

Ana Romero at (909) 881-3333, extension 221 or [email protected]

Manuel Santiago at (909) 882-4283extension 223 or [email protected].       

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Diabetes Classes

Learn how to manage your diabetes through knowledge and education.

Heart Health

Keep your heart beating strong by controlling high blood pressure, high cholesterol and eating right.


Eating right can help keep you in good health. It's really that simple.

Stress Management

This class will help you identify common stressors and provide tips and techniques to help you successfully reduce your stress and anxiety.

Chronic Disease Management

Learn how to live a healthier life even after you've been diagnosed with a chronic disease.

Monthly Calendar of Classes

Know what classes are offered when by downloading our monthly calendar.