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Inpatient Rehabilitation

Our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center provides innovative rehabilitation programs that help you achieve greater independence and better quality of life. You'll engage in intensive and comprehensive therapies three hours each day, all with the goal of returning you home as quickly as possible. We offer patients private rooms in a home-like environment to help with comfort while healing.

Our goal is to help you enhance your quality of life through improving skills, maximizing independence, and renewing self-esteem. Our innovative neurorehabilitation services focus on helping all patients in our care to attain the skills and self confidence necessary to return to work, school, community, and family life.  

The Inpatient Rehabilitation Program At St. Mary Medical Center treats:

Any patient with a reasonable chance of meaningful recovery should be in the Inpatient Rehabilitation unit at St. Mary Medical Center. We provide 3 hours of therapy each day, 5 to 6 days per week. We also have full access to all hospital services so if you should require medical assistance, medication or additional monitoring, we can provide it quickly and efficiently.

The goal with Inpatient Rehabilitation is to get you home in 1 – 3 weeks.

Learn More About Inpatient Rehabilitation At St. Mary Medical Center

For more information, please call (562) 491-9000 Monday thru Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, please call (562) 462-5199. To find a physician, please call (562) 491-4895 oruse our search tool to Find a Doctor