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Rights & Responsibilities

Each patient has the right to...

  • Receive a written statement of his/her rights as a patient
  • Access medical care
  • Spiritual and emotional care
  • Compassionate respectful care
  • Participate in his/her health care decisions
  • Consent to or refuse treatment
  • Consent to or refuse to participate in research or educational projects
  • Formulate an Advance Directive or Living Will/Health Care Power of Attorney
  • Confidentiality, privacy and security
  • Know the identity and professional status of his/her caregivers
  • Receive truthful information regarding his/her illness along with knowledge of the benefits and risks of each alternative treatment
  • Request an itemized bill
  • Contact the patient representative regarding concerns about care

Patients are responsible for...

  • Reporting complete and accurate information of matters relating to their health
  • Providing documentation of Advance Directives or Living Will/Health Care Power of Attorney, if they have formulated one or both
  • Reporting whether they understand the proposed treatment and what is expected of them
  • The consequences of their actions if they refuse treatment or do not follow instructions
  • Following instructions of agreed upon treatment plans
  • Keeping appointments or notifying the health care provider when unable to do so
  • Assuring that financial obligations for their health care are fulfilled
  • Following hospital rules and regulations affecting patient care and conduct
  • Being considerate of the rights of other patients and hospital personnel
  • Being respectful of the property of other persons and of the hospital

Patients are responsible for their safety by...

  • Getting out of bed unless health care providers have indicated that it is safe to do so
  • Taking any medications they brought with them to the hospital unless instructed to do so by a member of their health care team
  • Leaving the nursing unit without informing their nurse of their destination
  • Taking off their hospital identification bracelet
  • Using personal electrical appliances that plug into a wall socket in hospital rooms

If any individual has concerns about patient care and safety that the hospital has not addressed, he or she is encouraged to contact the hospital's management through the customer communication line at (480) 728-8400. If the concerns are not resolved through the hospital, the individual is encouraged to contact the Joint Commission at (800) 994-6610 or via e-mail at [email protected]. You may also contact the Arizona Department of Health Services at (602) 364-3030.