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$10 Million Donation from the Engelstad Foundation to R.E.D.* Rose Program Allows Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican Hospitals to Provide Lifesaving Breast Cancer Detection and Treatment to Thousands of Southern Nevadans

Responsible Early Detection is key in successful breast cancer treatment | Company presents Humankindness Award to Kris Engelstad McGarry

LAS VEGAS, NV - November 30, 2018 - The St. Rose Dominican Health Foundation today announced a transformational $10 million donation from the Las Vegas-based Engelstad Foundation to the R.E.D. Rose Program, which emphasizes Responsible Early Detection of breast cancer and provides access to life-saving diagnostic treatment for underinsured and uninsured patients in southern Nevada. This is the largest gift in the history of the Foundation.

Since its inception the R.E.D Rose Program has provided access to quality breast cancer treatments - screenings, clinical breast exams, mammograms, ultrasounds, surgical consultations, and biopsies - for more than 6,000 clients who lack adequate health care resources or the financial means to obtain them. 

The survival rate for both women and men suffering from breast cancer is directly related to how early treatment is sought. Now, through the generosity of the Engelstad Foundation, the R.E.D. Rose Program is able to continue its work for many years to come. 

'Philanthropy is sometimes seen as a high-brow word,� said Charles Guida, President of the St. Rose Dominican Health Foundation. 'But at its core, philanthropy truly represents the most boots-on-the-ground element of what we do, delivering resources and allowing us to create and enhance much-needed programs at the hospital and in our community. We are beyond grateful to the Engelstad Foundation, which has partnered with St. Rose for years to make a significant and lasting impact in the care we provide and the patients we serve. These are programs that wouldn't exist without generosity and kindness. This is truly impactful!�

One in eight women and one in 1,000 men in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Since its launch, the R.E.D. Rose Program has provided for:

  • 6,393 clients
  • 3,640 mammograms, resulting in 
  • 2,964 ultrasound examinations 
  • 684 biopsies


Holly Lyman, Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican Director of Community Health & Outreach, said, 'Imagine being uninsured or undocumented and finding a lump in your breast. The fear, worry and stress is overwhelming. In the past, many of these women fell through the cracks or waited too long to be diagnosed and treated. We know that early detection is crucial to saving lives, which is why Sister Monica Stankus created the R.E.D. Rose program in 2001.�

Sister Monica, a member of the Las Vegas High School Class of 1954, entered the Adrian Dominican Order in 1959. She founded the R.E.D. Rose program while serving as Vice President for Mission at St Rose Dominican Hospital in Henderson.

Ms. Lyman added, 'Sister Monica realized early on that many women going through breast cancer treatment, couldn't work or lost their jobs. She created the financial support program to help keep women in their homes with the power on and food for their children while they were going through chemo or radiation.�

At a recent event to announce the donation, Mr. Guida presented Ms. Kris Engelstad McGarry with the Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican Humankindness Award. Ten breast cancer survivors, beneficiaries of the R.E.D. Rose program, carried long-stem red roses and encircled the podium while Ms. Engelstad received the award from the Presidents of the three Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican Hospitals in southern Nevada.

Mr. Guida also announced the rededication of the program as the Engelstad Foundation R.E.D. Rose Program.   


About the Engelstad Foundation:
The Engelstad Foundation was created in 2002 by Ralph & Betty Engelstad for the purpose of partnering to create solutions in medical research, improving day-to-day living for people with disabilities, and enhancing the possibilities for high-risk individuals. 

Betty Engelstad and Kris Engelstad McGarry have continued to develop the Foundation's presence by focusing on education, health care, and childhood issues. Their contributions span the states of Nevada, North Dakota, Mississippi, and Utah. 

The Engelstad Foundation has endowed more than $300 million in scholarships and grants and is a major benefactor of nearly 200 organizations.

For additional information, visit

About The Humankindness Award
Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican believes that acts of kindness for our fellow employees, patients, family, friends, neighbors, and even perfect strangers demonstrates a respect for the inherent worth of every individual. Through these acts we put forth the power to heal and become compassionate agents for positive change in the world.  

The Humankindness Award recognizes those who share our beliefs and promote humankindness through their actions across our community. It will recognize individuals, physicians, corporations and organizations that promote and practice acts of humankindness to those less fortunate throughout southern Nevada.  These acts of humankindness must have a measurable and sustainable impact on our community and can be conducted through either personal or mission driven initiatives.  

No more than three awards will be presented annually.


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Friday, November 30, 2018

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