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Donors Needed for 1 October COVID Plasma Drive

Together We Can Save Lives

SEPTEMBER 24, 2020 - 

In the wake of the 1 October tragedy, southern Nevadans responded to a call for blood donations in unprecedented numbers. In that same spirit of community, COVID survivors are invited to mark this solemn anniversary by participating in a 1 October COVID Plasma Drive to similarly help those now suffering from the pandemic.


Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican and Vitalant Invite recovered southern Nevada COVID patients to donate blood plasma to benefit other southern Nevadans currently fighting the virus. 

Convalescent plasma, plasma from people who have recovered from COVID-19, contains antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which can be given to patients currently fighting COVID-19. Together, we can save lives.


Eligible donors must have had COVID-19 symptoms, plus:

  • A prior laboratory diagnosis of COVID-19 
  • Complete resolution of symptoms for at least 28 days


Plasma drive will be held Thursday, October 1, 2020 
Donations by appointment only. 
Interested Donors must register in advance at


Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican Siena Campus
3001 St. Rose Parkway, Henderson, NV  89052 (Eastern & St. Rose Parkway) 


The Food and Drug Administration is allowing the transfusion of convalescent plasma as an investigational treatment. It’s currently the only antibody treatment available for COVID-19 patients. Vitalant is working with hospitals to collect, process and distribute the plasma for treatment in patients with active, serious COVID-19 infections.

All donors will be screened for CIVID symptoms and fever upon entering the hospital and must wear a mask in the building at all times. Donors must remain masked while donating.



Publish date: 

Thursday, September 24, 2020

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p: (702) 616-4840

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