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Leapfrog Group Announces Hospital Safety Scores

The Leapfrog Group announced its hospital safety scores late last week for all eligible hospitals in the U.S., and St. Rose Dominican Hospitals-Rose de Lima Campus was the only hospital in southern Nevada to receive an A. Additionally, the St. Rose hospital system - Rose de Lima, San Martín and Siena Campuses - was the best-performing system in southern Nevada.

Participation in the Leapfrog survey is voluntary, and all three St. Rose Dominican Hospitals participated, along with more than 2,600 other hospitals nationwide.

The Leapfrog Group, a national nonprofit organization that uses the collective leverage of large purchasers of health care to initiate breakthrough improvements in the safety, quality, and affordability of health care for Americans, converted numerical safety scores from 2012 Leapfrog Hospital Survey data into letter grades from A to F, with an A denoting the best safety performance. Scores for each St. Rose Dominican Hospitals campus are: Rose de Lima Campus, A; San Martín Campus, B; and Siena Campus, C. Of all participating hospitals, 31 percent received A scores, 25 percent received B scores, and 37 percent received C scores. The remainder received Ds or Fs.

“We applaud the efforts of our medical staff and employees,” said Rod Davis, president and CEO of St. Rose Dominican Hospitals and senior vice president of operations, Dignity Health Nevada. “They work, in partnership with our patients, visitors and community, to consistently and constantly improve the safety and quality of the care we provide.”

Patient care and safety continue to be our highest priorities at St. Rose Dominican Hospitals. Staff members and physicians throughout the organization are engaged in multiple quality improvement processes, and interdisciplinary unit rounds are conducted daily to ensure that patients receive timely, quality care. From 2012-2013, St. Rose’s fall rate was reduced, its pressure ulcer rate decreased, and it continues to make improvements in many quality areas. All three hospitals participate in the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services quality initiative, the No Harm campaign, in which 13 clinical priorities are monitored and measured, with results reported to leadership at least weekly. St. Rose staff also ensures a safe healing environment by implementing evidence-based best practices from certifying quality organizations such as the Joint Commission.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

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