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Diabetes Education, Management & Support

St. Rose Dominican's Diabetes Programs are Accredited by ADA

The Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican diabetes program team (shown above) empowers, educates, and allows those with diabetes to independently self-manage the disease so the chances for recurrent hospital admissions are lessened and related health complications are reduced.

Diabetes Education

The St. Rose Dominican diabetes education program has the prestigious American Diabetes Association (ADA) Recognition Certification for high quality diabetes self-management training. ADA recognition assures that programs meet the national standards for diabetes self-management education as developed and tested under the auspices of the National Diabetes Advisory Board.

This exciting program is the first to be accredited by the ADA in Henderson. St. Rose Dominican diabetes education is provided by highly trained professional staff - the educators are Registered Nurses and Dietitians with additional certification for diabetes education.

The primary aim of the diabetes education program is to instruct and impart the fundamental tools required for independent self-management. Ultimately, the goal is to empower those afflicted so that they become active participants in improving their own quality of life while decreasing the likelihood of future diabetes related complications.

Diabetes Support

St. Rose Dominican and the WomensCare/Outreach Centers offer a variety of programs designed to support the adults and children in our community who have diabetes, including:

  • Diabetes Awareness Treatment & Education (DATE)
  • Diabetes Nutrition Consultations
  • Diabetes Support Group - 1st Wednesday of every month, 10-11 a.m.
  • National Diabetes Prevention Programs
  • Stanford Diabetes Self-Management Programs

St. Rose Dominican Diabetes Coordinators are available Monday-Friday and can be contacted at (702) 616-4975. We look forward to helping you take control of your diabetes.