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Dominican Tower Highlights

A community that grows together, heals together. The Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican hospitals have been serving patients in Henderson and Las Vegas for more than 70 years. As our communities have grown, so have we.

Highlights of New Dominican Tower Services: 

First Floor

  • Emergency Room - The Emergency Room features separate waiting and treatment areas for adults and children. It is also more than twice as large as the previous emergency room, with 56 treatment rooms. We can now treat our patients in a more quiet and comfortable healing environment. 
  • Children's Emergency Room - The Children's Emergency Room has board-certified pediatric emergency medicine physicians and specialized pediatric nurses who provide more of the best "kid-sized" care available! 
  • Level III Trauma Unit - This area was expanded to include four treatment rooms.
  • Cardiac Center - This new Center has its own separate patient admitting and waiting areas. The Cardiac Center is used for non-invasive testing, such as 3D EKGs, heart monitoring, chest x-rays, and stress tests as well as cardiac rehabilitation.

Second Floor

  • Dominican Intensive Care Unit: This unit is in addition to the existing Intensive Care Unit, and its 24 rooms provide the highest level of care for our most critically ill patients, including neurologic, cardiovascular and thoracic, and trauma patients.
  • Surgery/Operating Rooms (ORs) - Six new ORs were added bringing the total number of ORs at Siena to 16.
  • Recovery Unit - This area now has twice as many beds (24), so staff can care for more patients who have just come out of surgery.
  • Cardiac Observation Unit - This special unit has 16 beds and its staff cares for patients whose hearts are being monitored or who are undergoing diagnostic testing.

Third Floor

  • Orthopedic Unit - The entire third floor is dedicated to caring for patients who have had surgery on hips, knees, etc.
    • The unit features two gyms to allow more patients to participate in group therapy sessions where they encourage and support each other.
    • The unit also features a 250 foot long mobility ceiling track system that allows staff to safely get two patients up and walking at the same time.

Fourth Floor

  • IMC Patient Rooms - 36 additional "intermediate care" rooms are available for patients who don't need the highest level of acute care (ICU care)
  • Oncology - 16 dedicated oncology patient rooms

Our expansion has provided a quiet, comfortable healing environment for patients and their loved ones as well as the space and equipment our caregivers need to fully attend to each patient.

Our commitment to filling the health care needs of our community goes beyond the new tower! Many areas in the existing hospital (now referred to as the Adrian Tower) have been expanded and upgraded, including a larger, more private admitting area, a redesigned cafeteria and kitchen, expanded lab services, dedicated oncology and mother/baby units, and more.

Just the Facts

  • A nearly 500-space parking garage
  • A Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit expansion to 26 beds 
  • Five-story, 227,000+ square foot tower
  • Tower cost approximately $160 million
  • Nearly 100 private rooms were added (bringing the hospital's total to 326)
  • 32 private emergency room and observation bays were added (bringing the total to 56)
  • ER treatment and Rapid Medical Assessment spaces were expanded to over 70 rooms
  • Six new operating suites have been added (bringing the total to 16)
  • An expanded Cardiology Center with its own admitting and waiting areas for noninvasive procedures
  • An additional Intensive Care Unit and expanded orthopedic unit 
  • Expanded oncology unit
  • Highly utilized outpatient support service areas expanded, including admitting, nutrition services, radiology, lab, pharmacy and endoscopy suites.

How can you help?

Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican is the only not-for-profit, faith based hospital system in southern Nevada. Sound financial management over the years has enabled our hospital to fund the majority of the $160 million project through hospital resources. However, those sources of funding cannot cover all of the costs for the project, including construction, investment in technology and equipment, and expanded programs and services. Investment through charitable contributions by donors is essential to cover the gap.

To learn more, please visit or call (702) 616-5750.