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Spiritual Care

nevada spiritual
The Lord has heard my plea for help;
The Lord accepts my prayer.
     –Psalm 6:9

Religious Staff

Dignity Health – St. Rose Dominican’s staff chaplains, available 24/7, are professionally educated and clinically trained to provide pastoral care, spiritual support, counseling and services including sacraments, religious ritual and prayer in the hospital setting. All chaplain interactions take place with sensitivity to your privacy and confidentiality.

Spiritual or pastoral care may offer relief and support the patient or family more effectively when:

  • Concerned about adjusting to a diagnosis or illness

  • Concerned with the meaning or purpose of life

  • Experiencing a challenge to one’s beliefs

  • Feeling hopeless or helpless

  • Concerned about one’s plan of medical care or ethical concerns

  • Wanting to know more about Advance Directives

  • Struggling with family dynamics


Nev Spiritual

Each Dignity Health – St. Rose Dominican hospital features a beautiful chapel, open 24/7, where patients, family and friends of all faiths can spend time praying or thinking. “Quiet Rooms” with comfortable furnishings are also available for use by patients and families who would like quiet and privacy.


Prayer Network

St. Rose offers a service called the Prayer Network, which assists patients and family members in making prayer requests. Prayer requests go out to Prayer Network members and are offered up in one of our chapel services.

If you are outside the hospital and would like prayers to be offered for a loved one staying here, simply write to [email protected]. All personal information is removed before the request is sent to our prayer members.

May you be in God's healing love.