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Personalized, Compassionate Cardiac Treatment at Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican Hospitals

If you have a heart condition, there are many treatment options available to help reduce your symptoms and improve your heart’s function.

Take our heart health assessment to see if you are at risk for a cardiology condition. From open heart surgery to minimally invasive interventional procedures, the cardiologists at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican's San Martin and Siena Campuses offer a range of expert cardiac treatments in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.

You can also Find a Doctor online or call (702) 616-4900 for a referral.


Types of Cardiac Treatments Performed in Henderson and Las Vegas, NV

Doctors recommend cardiovascular treatments to treat a variety of heart problems. Their goal is to improve your quality of life by reducing symptoms. 

Common cardiovascular treatments include:

  • Cardiac catheterization looks inside the arteries of your heart. If an artery is blocked, doctors can place a stent or perform angioplasty to keep the artery open. 
  • 3-D mapping follows the electrical activity of your heart to help find the source of an abnormal heartbeat (arrhythmia).
  • Angioplasty increases blood flow to your heart by inflating a small balloon inside blocked coronary arteries.
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery replaces a blocked segment of a coronary artery using a section of a healthy artery from your arm or leg.
  • Cardiac ablation selectively destroys the cells in your heart that cause arrhythmia. Cryoablation uses extremely cold liquid.
  • Endovascular stent (heart stent) holds the blocked coronary artery open with a small tube to increase blood flow to your heart.
  • Open heart surgery, such as coronary artery bypass surgery, accesses the heart through the chest by making an incision in the sternum (breastbone).
  • Thrombolysis dissolves blood clots using “clot-busting” medications.
  • Pacemaker is a device implanted in your chest that helps your heart maintain a normal rhythm.
  • Heart transplant replaces a diseased or damaged heart with a donor heart.


What to Expect During Cardiovascular Procedures

Most cardiac procedures are performed in a Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican's San Martin and Siena hospitals. Depending on the treatment, you may receive general anesthesia or light sedation. Be prepared to stay in the hospital overnight afterward. Any major surgery will require you to stay in a special cardiac intensive care unit (ICU) for several days.


Recovery After Cardiovascular Treatments

Major cardiac treatment procedures, such as beating heart surgery, require more recovery time than minimally invasive procedures. Your doctor will explain your post-procedure limitations and give you specific instructions regarding your recovery. Discuss any questions with your doctor well before the day of your procedure to help plan ahead for recovery time, such as taking time off work. 

Cardiovascular treatments can be life-saving. Because your heart is functioning better, you may feel more energetic than you have for a long time.

Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican doctors perform trusted cardiac treatments at the San Martin and Siena Campuses in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.