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Treatment for Speech & Language Disorders in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

Speech and language disorders are conditions that affect a person’s ability to communicate. Either disorder could be the result of having difficulty forming sounds and words or using language to express ideas and thoughts.

The signs and symptoms of speech and language disorders vary according to the disorder and the severity of the disorder. These problems could be present in childhood or acquired later in life following illness, trauma, surgery, stroke, or another health event.

Speech disorders include:

  • Dysarthria: Being unable to use the mouth’s muscles to form sounds and words
  • Orofacial myofunctional disorder (OMD): A condition in which the tongue moves in an exaggerated way, making it difficult to form sounds
  • Stuttering: Repeating a part of a word or stretching part of a word repeatedly
  • Lisping: Being unable to make an “s” or “z” sounds

Language disorders include:

  • Receptive language disorder: Not understanding what is said
  • Expressive language disorder: Not having adequate vocabulary and ability to express thoughts (although the person can speak and put sentences together) 
  • Mixed receptive-expressive: A combination of the two disorders 

Living with speech and language disorders can make communication difficult, but the speech specialists at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican understand and can help you regardless of your age or the severity of your condition. Find a neurologist or neurosurgeon associated with St. Rose Dominican hospitals or call (702) 616-4900 for care for speech and language disorders in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV.


What Causes Speech & Language Disorders?

Most speech disorders are caused by an inability of the mouth muscles to coordinate well enough to form the sounds of the words. This could be caused by conditions such as:

Language disorders may be caused by hearing loss or other disorders, including:

  • Brain trauma 
  • Learning and other intellectual disabilities
  • Autism


Treating Language Disorders at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican Hospitals

Treatment and prevention of speech and language disorders depends on the disorder, its severity, and the possible causes. 

Treatments may include:

  • Surgery to correct defects such as cleft palate
  • Alternate communication techniques such as sign language, pointing to symbols, and electronic speech
  • Hearing aids or cochlear implants to treat hearing loss
  • Speech therapy to learn how to control breathing, swallowing, and muscle movement to form sounds

The earlier you seek intervention for a speech and language disorder from any cause, the better your treatment results are likely to be.

Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican provides speech and language disorder treatment in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV, with humankindness.