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Compassionate Care for Tourette Syndrome in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

Tourette syndrome (TS or Tourettes) is a disorder characterized by involuntary sounds and movements called tics. It ranges in severity from mild to serious. While Tourette syndrome is not life threatening, people with the most severe cases can involuntarily injure themselves.

Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican hospitals neurologists offer thoughtful neurological care for Tourette syndrome in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. Find a Doctor online or call (702) 616-4900 to speak with someone today. 


Tourette Syndrome Causes

Doctors do not know how this neurological condition develops, but research suggests it is an inherited condition. Scientists think there is a range of environmental, genetic, and developmental factors that contribute to a Tourette syndrome diagnosis. Men have a higher risk of developing Tourette syndrome than women.


Symptoms of Tourette Syndrome

The symptoms of Tourette syndrome include different types of vocal or motor tics, which can be simple or complex. 

Vocal (phonic) tics involve sounds. Simple vocal tics include shouting, grunting, sniffing, and clearing the throat. Motor tics involve some kind of movement. Simple motor tics include grimacing, blinking, shoulder shrugging, and arm or head jerking. 

Complex tics involve more than one type of sound or movement. They sometimes include actions that appear voluntary, including uttering words, jumping, or touching things. 

The most severe cases of Tourette syndrome can involve harmful motor tics, such as punching oneself. They may also include inappropriate vocal tics such as echoing what other people say or swearing. These cases of Tourette syndrome are less common than milder forms.


Tourette Syndrome Treatment at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican Hospitals

Treatment depends on the severity of Tourette syndrome symptoms. Mild cases may need no treatment at all. Tourette syndrome in childhood may improve or even disappear by adulthood. More serious cases of Tourette syndrome can interfere with daily life. In these cases, several forms of treatment are available:

  • Medications, particularly neuroleptics, to suppress tics.
  • Speech therapy to help manage symptoms of other conditions that occur alongside Tourette syndrome, such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or language-based learning disabilities. 
  • Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics (CBIT), a behavioral training method that teaches better awareness of tics and how to do a competing response to reduce them.
  • Deep brain stimulation, a new treatment that delivers electrical stimulation to specific parts of the brain for people with Tourette syndrome who do not respond well to other treatments.

Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican provides treatment for Tourette syndrome in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.