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Rehabilitation Center Services

The Rehabilitation Institute team partners with our patients who have lost their independence because of illness or a traumatic health episode, such as a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury - to give you your best way home.

During the rehabilitation process, our Rehabilitation Institute's treatment team uses advanced technology and individually-tailored programs that focus on the patient's capabilities rather than disabilities. This positive approach, combined with our holistic and healing environment, allows our rehabilitation professionals to help our patients find a renewed sense of achievement, strength, and independence.


Your Rehabilitation Institute Team

All of our rehabilitation programs feature interdisciplinary rehabilitation teams, directed by physiatrists who specialize in physical rehabilitation. These dedicated, caring professionals are committed to helping our patients develop the skills they need to return home or live as independently as possible.

The Rehabilitation Institute team partners with patients during the rehabilitation process, and treatment focuses on patients' capabilities rather than disabilities.


Our Therapy Services

The Rehabilitation Institute's comprehensive therapy programs are personalized and tailored to fit each individual's needs so you can develop the skills you need to return home or live as independently as possible:

Occupational Therapy (OT) - Teaches self-care skills used for daily living, such as bathing, dressing, eating,  and food preparation. Therapists address both cognitive (thought) and perceptual (visual) deficits.

Physical Therapy (PT) - Focuses on movement, assisting patients with walking, teaching wheelchair transfer techniques, and providing orthotic/prosthetic device evaluation and training.

Respiratory Therapy (RT) - Prevents added respiratory problems by helping patients with respiratory muscle weakness or a susceptibility to respiratory complications.

Speech/Language Pathology (SLP) - Improves communication skills through cognitive retraining, increasing functional independence with decision-making, reasoning, memory, and swallowing.

For more information on the Rehabilitation Institute of Henderson or our services, please call: 702.616.4564.


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